Why Stranger Things Season 4 Is “The Hardest Season” Millie Bobby Brown Has Ever Filmed

Why Stranger Things Season 4 Is “The Hardest Season” Millie Bobby Brown Has Ever Filmed

The one thing that all Stranger Things fans can agree with is that Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) hasn’t had it easy. Right from our first meeting with her, the character has always been in a series of pretty depressing situations.

The girl grew up in a facility under the care of someone who we can only describe as a sociopath (Dr. Brenner). After her escape, she barely had enough time to explore how delicious french fries are before her first helper was killed and she was on the run again. Add to this the role she had played in Hawkins’ interaction with the Upside Down. Hence, it is safe to say that Eleven had, in fact, always dealt with things too grim for her age, spending most of her childhood locked up and away from her peers.

After seeing Eleven’s eyeliner in season 2 and her transition to a normal teenager in season 3, we expected the phase she had with Kali to be the darkest yet. But alas, we were wrong. If we’re to believe the lead actress of the Netflix Original, then Stranger Things season 4 is going to surpass everything we’ve seen before.

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What, according to Millie Bobby Brown, can we expect?

Millie Bobby Brown, who has brought to life the role of Eleven in the most impeccable manner, talks about the character she is playing.

The actress commented, “you get to see Eleven in the darkest state she’s ever been.” If that wasn’t enough of a description to show just how the series is going to progress, considering Eleven and Mike’s long-distance relationship and what she believes is the death of Hopper, her father, Brown also added, “this has definitely been the hardest season I’ve ever filmed. And there have been some of the scariest, scariest things that I’ve ever seen as a human, which you guys will get to see, for sure.”

Part of what we can expect is Eleven having to reckon with her past. She lost her powers after fighting the Mind Flayer at Starcourt Mall, rendering her and the entire town of Hawkins extremely vulnerable. To get them back, she has to deal with something she had been avoiding right from the beginning of the Netflix series- the facility. Millie Bobby Brown has confirmed this, “that storyline of her as a young child wasn’t covered. There were still so many questions, from me and from the viewers” that we will see this season.

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What else are you expecting to see in Stranger Things season 4, particularly in reference to Millie Bobby Brown and Eleven? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Also, don’t forget to stream Stranger Things season 4 on May 27, 2022.

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