‘Stranger Things’: Steve Harrington’s Character Development is Filled with Loopholes Throughout the Series

‘Stranger Things’: Steve Harrington’s Character Development is Filled with Loopholes Throughout the Series

In the thousand dollar Stranger Things moment when Steve Harrington beat up the Demogorgon with a baseball bat, most people went “whaaa???” It wasn’t because the already childish show was being more childish. It was because, in the otherwise logically fitting show (not to mention the plastic-looking Demogorgon), this scene created a loophole so deep, that it couldn’t be filled.

Most shows have a little bit of make-believe, especially the ones which have sci-fi as the center genre. It’s all fun and games until something so impossible happens, it just stops making sense. In this scene at the end of season one, the teen-love Joe Keery, who’s playing Steve Harrington on the Netflix show Stranger Things, beats the gigantic monster up with a tiny little baseball bat studded with nails. The Demogorgon must’ve gone, “Awh so cute!” And for the people who say, “it’s a fantasy thriller, and it’s okay to be a little over-the-top with it“, how can you explain Steve getting beaten up by Jonathan only a few episodes before from this famous Demogorgon fight?

Where is the plothole in Steve’s fight from Stranger Things?

Netflix never closed the doors on the plothole. We saw Steve fighting the Demogorgons once again; this time not one but multiple! This was after the fan-following for his heroic instincts grew and more people wanted to see him in a protective role. Season 2 is when we see him defending the kids from numerous Demogorgons. Following this, he has a fight with Max’s brother and the new villain, Billy. Billy totally beats Steve to a pulp, once again questioning Steve’s ability to beat a non-human being.

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It wasn’t until season 3, that they tried to make changes to Steve’s character for this plothole to suit him better. They succeeded in painting Steve as a soft and generous guy, who is winning against the Demogorgons either with sheer dumb luck or he feels so much for the kids, his passion gives him strength. Steve has had scenes giving Dustin lessons and welcoming Robin after their fight. From being a school jock who used to bully everyone, to a soft-hearted cutie, he has changed completely.

Interestingly, Steve was supposed to get killed in the season one bat fighting scene, but thankfully Duffer Brothers acted upon fan’s wishes to keep Keery’s character alive. This created a saga of Keery’s popular gallant incidences. Do you think there are other potholes in the series? Let us know in the comments.

Meanwhile, part 1 of season 4 of Stranger Things will reach us on May 27th.

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