Sofia Carson Opens Up About the Heart-Touching Conversation With Her Mother About ‘Purple Hearts’ and Its Tremendous Success

Sofia Carson Opens Up About the Heart-Touching Conversation With Her Mother About ‘Purple Hearts’ and Its Tremendous Success

Netflix is streaming a beautiful romantic movie, Purple Hearts. The movie is already getting love and praise from all over the planet. The response overwhelmed the actors Sofia Carson and Nickolas Galitzine. Recently, Sofia appeared in a television interview with Jimmy Fallon where she shared how she feels about the immense success of the film and how she got this opportunity. Heart-touching is the least you can use to describe the whole experience for her and in this interview, she gets candid about it.

Sofia Carson shares this moment with her mother

As we all know, Sofia Carson is one of the important parts of this romantic project of Purple Hearts. Now, she shares the after-effects of the success of this movie. The movie is about two people who pretend to be in love for their own benefit. They get married and things change. Their marriage of convenience turns their feelings upside down. And the chemistry that they share on-screen is one of the many reasons the viewers are attracted to watch the movie.

Recently, Sofia Carson appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She opened up about how she got this project while she was shooting for Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. She also thanked the fans and viewers for pouring love into the movie. While Jimmy congratulates Sofia for this #1 movie streaming globally, Sofia talks about how she feels about the movie.

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She says that she and her mother were just talking about the tremendous success. “I realized that I can’t find a word to describe how I feel,” says Sofia. She had poured her heart and soul into creating this film and hoped the viewers would love it. So, the response has made her “overjoyed and overwhelmed and grateful.” Sofia has loved making this film for the past five years. She acted, wrote the soundtrack, and sang in the movie. Therefore, it was really a beautiful learning experience for Sofia, as it was the greatest challenge for her as an actor.

Sofia Carson is indeed a very talented actor, songwriter, and singer. Her song ‘Come Back Home,’ is receiving so much love and admiration from the fans. Watch Cassie and Luke’s journey from strangers to soulmates here. We would love to know if you also love the movie and the songs by Sofia Carson.

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