Sofia Carson And Nicholas Galitzine Have Fans Mesmerized With Their Beautiful Chemistry In Netflix’s ‘Purple Hearts’

Sofia Carson And Nicholas Galitzine Have Fans Mesmerized With Their Beautiful Chemistry In Netflix’s ‘Purple Hearts’

The most awaited romance adaptation of Tess Wakefield’s novel, Purple Hearts, arrived on Netflix yesterday. Following the drama’s arrival, fans have instantly bonded with the storyline that depicts the “Marriage of Convenience” between two financially drowning. Sofia Carson Salazar plays the role of Cassie who ties knots with Luke Morrow to get military health benefits whereas Nicholas Galitzine has his reasons too.

This movie is a heartfelt story of a fake couple who journeys from feigning a perfectly happy couple to genuinely falling deeply in love with each other. Although it’s too soon to judge the movie based on critical opinions because they have just stepped on the streamer. But fans certainly have a different opinion as they gave positive consent to the lore of a struggling couple. 

Purple Hearts has enamored fans as they share their thoughts on social media 

Directed by Elizabeth Rosenbaum, Purple Hearts delineates the story of an ambitious musician and a Marine officer. The screenplay is co-written by Kyle Jarrow and Liz Garcia while the main cast includes Chosen Jacobe, Linden Ashby, Kendall Chappell, and Anthony Ippolito. From meeting for the first time anonymously in a bar to getting together in a contractual marriage. Somehow this desperation changes the dynamics of this conflicted relationship after Luke is severely injured in a war and comes home incapacitated. 

Although Cassie is unwilling to become the caretaker of his husband in the beginning, the wall of pretension soon collides and they fall in love. Moreover, the story doesn’t end here as the couple struggles between their present and past. Because Cassie’s beautiful voice started attracting the attention of people while Luke’s addictive past continued to haunt him. 

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Amidst these adverse situations, one thing is confirmed: viewers will find themselves invested in the romance as many loved the emotional vibes of the storyline. From the remarkable performance of actors to the background music conjure deep feelings in the hearts of viewers. Therefore, fans praised the movie for the wonderful and surprising twists it brings where characters get what they never imagined. 

Check out the reactions of Netizens on Twitter

All the viewers are going ga ga over the movie while many are left crying at the end. Here are some amazing tweets that will convince you to watch Purple Hearts right away.

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Social media is flooding with such thrilling comments and fan edits. If you haven’t watched the movie yet go check it out streaming exclusively on Netflix. Also, you can check the soundtracks that made fans go crazy on Spotify or iTunes.

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