‘Come Back Home’ by Sofia Carson Encapsulates “a really intimate, vulnerable and emotional moment” from ‘Purple Hearts’

‘Come Back Home’ by Sofia Carson Encapsulates “a really intimate, vulnerable and emotional moment” from ‘Purple Hearts’

You may or may not admit to it publicly, but love stories have a special place in our hearts. Whether they are romantic and meaningful or downright improbable and cheesy, it gives us a sense of hope. Regardless of having a happy ending or not, a romantic film that’s winning all the hearts and the top spot on Netflix is the Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine starer Purple Hearts.

Adapted from Tess Wakefield’s 2017 book of the same name, Purple Hearts refrains from the corniness of romantic movies and touches upon real-life issues. The movie does use the classic trope of a marriage of convenience, which ultimately leads to the protagonists falling in love. However, the predictable romance has a beautiful sensitivity and tenderness that immediately made it a crowd favorite. What adds to and encapsulate the beauty of this film is its soundtrack, especially this one song.

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A heartfelt melody by Sofia Carson

Apart from the amazing chemistry between the leads, fans also loved the soundtrack of the film, especially the songs by American actor and singer Sofia Carson. Taking her on-screen persona in all its strides, Carson wrote several songs for Purple Hearts. However, Come Back Home, the song that defined the emotional ending stole the spotlight. So much so, that they released an official music video of the heart-warming song.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sofia revealed, “Come Back Home was particularly a challenge for us and particularly emotional because it’s set at a moment in the film that is so pivotal to our story and to our characters” Talking about the song and its title, she adds, “In those three words, Cassie says everything that she’s been too afraid to say to him.” The song plays after the final reunion of Cassie and Luke on the beach.

The music video is actually Sofia Carsonperforming Come Back Home on the piano.” To make it even more special, the performance is “actually set at the same beach that Luke and I end the movie on,”, said Sofia. She believes, “It’s a really intimate, vulnerable, and emotional moment that I think is true to our film.”

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Do you agree with Sofia? Let us know in the comments what you thought of the music video and the film Purple Hearts.

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