“I was paralyzed by fear”: ‘Purple Hearts’ Star Sofia Carson Recalls Getting Her Netflix Project

“I was paralyzed by fear”: ‘Purple Hearts’ Star Sofia Carson Recalls Getting Her Netflix Project

Purple Hearts is now streaming on Netflix and romantic drama lovers are going crazy about it. It stars Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine as leads. These two extremely talented artists are receiving an abundance of love for their performance and their on-screen chemistry. Nicholas, as Luke, is a marine and is serving in the US army. While Sofia, as Cassie, is an aspiring singer who has type-1 diabetes. Cassie is a strong and independent woman who doesn’t tolerate wrongs. She has a fighter spirit throughout the movie. However, there is a story behind Sofia’s involvement in this Netflix original.

Fear took over Sofia Carson before joining Purple Hearts

Sofia Carson is not only an actor in the movie but also she’s an executive producer and soundtrack writer. Just like her character in the movie, Sofia is a singer and songwriter who has recently launched her first debut music album. Purple Hearts is the biggest venture for her in so many ways. From a very young age, she’s been watching other famous female musicians in the industry. She gets her inspiration from artists like Jennifer López, Barbra Streisand, etc. as they are not just for the fame game and awards only. They actually use their voice to bring a change to society.

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In an interview with Tudum, Sofia opens up about her passion for music and how she became a part of this romantic drama. Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists star met the director of this movie Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum on the sets of the show five years ago. Since then, they wanted to work together.

So, one Christmas morning, Elizabeth gave her the biggest gift to Sofia: the rough draft of the script of Purple Hearts. “I still can’t believe nor can I wrap my head around the fact that Liz Allan, Leslie Morgenstein, and Elysa Koplovitz Dutton, who are our producers, trusted me to do this,” says Sofia. And from the beginning of this project, Sofia asked them to involve her with the soundtrack. Trusting her musical personality, the producers were happy to say yes.

And thus began the journey of Cassie and Sofia together. Sofia helped develop the script and her own character, Cassie Salazar. Sofia also pitched the project to the streaming networks and helped in casting other talents as well. Astonishingly, she completed writing the whole beautiful soundtrack in a week only.

She says, “Getting into this project, I was terrified, and I had never felt that scared before. I was paralyzed by fear. I literally parked outside the studio just sobbing and shaking.” Ironically, the lyrics of a song LOUD from her debut album say, “Confrontation never has been my strength…” However, just like Cassie, Carson also fought through these difficult times only to see a happy ending.

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Well, Sofia admitted not to having been involved in a project from start to end. Thus, her journey has been a learning experience for us as well. As her mother taught her that nothing is impossible, she proved her love and respect for her mother by not giving up and fighting the fear coming out stronger than before, just as her character did in the movie.

Are you also a Sofia Carson fan? Have you watched this Netflix original Purple Hearts yet?

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