“It’s always a possibility,” Sofia Carson and Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum Tease the Idea of ‘Purple Hearts’ Sequel

“It’s always a possibility,” Sofia Carson and Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum Tease the Idea of ‘Purple Hearts’ Sequel

Netflix’s one of the best romantic dramas Purple Hearts is winning hearts. The movie has been on top of the charts and people are obsessed with the unexpected love story of Cassie and Luke. The fans have their own theories about the ending of the movie. They demanded a sequel exploring the lives of Luke and Cassie after their confession of love. Is there any official statement confirming the sequel of the film? Let’s find out.

Will we see more of Purple Hearts?

As this has been the most challenging character of her life till now, Sofia Carson opened up about how they found their perfect Luke and if there were any possibilities for Purple Hearts 2. While they had a long list of actors for Luke, they chose Nick Galitzine because the team of producers saw the spark and chemistry between Sofia and Nick when they first read the scripts. Maybe the perfect casting is one of the reasons the movie has achieved tremendous success. 

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The movie is about an aspiring musician who’s sick and needs proper medical treatment to survive and a young marine, Luke who’s trying to leave the past behind meanwhile trying to prove himself. These two young survivors marry each other for their own benefits. Unexpectedly, they both fall in love with each other, but it’s too late when they confess their love. Their fraud marriage is caught and Luke has to go to jail for six months. Even though Cassie confesses her love to Luke in the end, we don’t know what happens to them once Luke is out.

This ending leaves fans with several questions. Sofia Carson and Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum tease the possibilities of a sequel. Sofia says it’s exciting to see people wanting more from Cassie and Luke. She also says there are many fans-theories and has seen many potential spin-offs. “So, of course, it’s lovely to think of a life for Cassie and Luke beyond this film,” says Sofia and adds she adored being Cassie and she’d also be curious to see where it goes. “Who knows? You never know,” adds the singer-actress.

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Meanwhile, Elizabeth also confirms her thoughts about seeing Luke and Cassie’s beautiful chemistry. She also loves working with this cast. “So, I definitely won’t rule it out,” says Elizabeth. However, she also says that they wouldn’t do anything unless they are really sure as they want to stay true to the integrity of their characters. “We haven’t landed on anything specific yet. It’s always a possibility,” confirms Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum.

Do you want to see more of Purple Hearts? What is your theory about the lives of Cassie and Luke beyond the film?

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