The Only Instance Where Kreese Brutality Was Not Just Loved but Applauded by ‘Cobra Kai’ Fans

The Only Instance Where Kreese Brutality Was Not Just Loved but Applauded by ‘Cobra Kai’ Fans

Cobra Kai has a lot of action with a lot more drama. The characters throughout the show have indulged themselves in one or the other chaotic situation. Over the years, we have seen the fight between good and evil. And when we talk about evil, John Kreese and Terry Silver are some names that come to our minds immediately. However, each coin has two sides. In the same way, these evil characters also have a good side. Never Silver, but Kreese once showed his compassionate side on the show, giving us a glimpse of the goodness hidden inside Kreese.

John Kreese showed mercy for this girl and won Cobra Kai fans’ hearts

If we look closely, we can understand why every character is the way they are. John wasn’t always like this. If you have seen his past in the previous movies, you might remember that he was a dreamer. He also loved a girl and had feelings, and was soft. But as time passed by, and the more he experienced the surrounding people, the more brutal he became. Therefore, we have seen mostly the brutal and heartless, selfish John in Cobra Kai. However, this one time, he showed up for one of his students and protected her without boasting about it, making the viewers sympathize with him.

As much as I hate mostly everything Kreese does, his strike first, strike hard, no mercy stuff was absolutely deserved by this asswipe. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ from cobrakai

When Tory was facing issues with his landlord, John got the hint from her behavior. Saying nothing to Tory, John struck first and hard at her landlord’s house. Without showing mercy, John threatened him and almost cut his figures. However, John didn’t do so. But the landlord got the message loud and clear. As a result, he stopped harassing Tory for the rent, and the problem got solved.

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John knew about Tory’s family and her troubles. Therefore, he just went and took care of a bad situation. This act of John Kreese portrayed him as a protective, caring, and strong sensei. In the same way, he always felt about Johnny Lawrence, his former student, and partner. Things went south with him, but this one act of protecting and fighting for Tory made him closer to us. Look at the reactions of the fans of the show.

Fans appreciated Kreese for this

The only time when the viewers didn’t absolutely hate John was this. Here is what the fans have to say about it.

What is your take on this? Did you like any other instances where you saw John Kreese or any other character’s transformation? How do you think in season 5, he will return? Share your observations with us in the comment box.

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