Are Other Senseis on ‘Cobra Kai’ Just Bad? Fans Raise Question About a Serious Flaw in The Show Ahead of Season 5 Release

Are Other Senseis on ‘Cobra Kai’ Just Bad? Fans Raise Question About a Serious Flaw in The Show Ahead of Season 5 Release

It takes years and years of practice, discipline, and determination to master an art or anything for that matter. It took millions of years for humanity to build the amenities of society we enjoy in today’s world. Hence, believing someone has achieved great heights overnight sure would be difficult for anyone, unless our fairy godmother appears out of thin air and transforms us into a beautiful princess. It certainly is not possible in Miyagiverse. Neither the senseis nor the students could harness the power of knocking their opponents out with the blink of an eye. And ahead of Cobra Kai season 5, fans are questioning the very essence of this sentiment.

In the very first season of Netflix’s bada*s series, we saw Miguel winning the All-Valley tournament after only 8-9 months of training, while his opponents might have had years and years of practice. How then was it possible for Miguel to win the fight? Shouldn’t the students who have been learning martial arts for so long be more skillful than the Cobra Kai or Miyagi Do students? If you have such queries as well, here’s an explanation.

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How are Cobras and Miyagi Dos more skillful than others? Fans discuss ahead of Cobra Kai season 5

You might wonder if all the other sensei from all the other dojos in Cobra Kai are bad teachers. Well, they probably are not. However, both Cobra Kai and Miyagi Do are the main dojos of the series, and if their students, the teenagers around whom the story revolves, get knocked out in the very first round, it will be a boring show. Secondly, fans believe Miyagi Do is the best dojo in the town because of its roots. Mr. Miyagi had taught a different set of skills to Daniel which helps him beat Johnny in the Karate Kid movies. Similarly, Kreese too had handpicked the students and trained them for years.

Yet another factor, as fans described is that of passion. While karate for Cobras and Miyagi Dos is something of great importance, it is a mere hobby for the other kids. For the Miyagi-Dos and the Cobras, it’s all-consuming, between the bets and the rivalries, reputations, friendships and businesses are on the line. So maybe they just put in a lot more work and time. However, if we take this as a serious flaw, the producers may need to give a proper and logical explanation.

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What are your thoughts about it? Do let us know in the comment section or be a part of the banter on Reddit itself. Cobra Kai Season 5 will hit your screens on September 9th.

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