‘Cobra Kai’ Was Never About the Different Ships, Here’s How

‘Cobra Kai’ Was Never About the Different Ships, Here’s How

The fan-favorite show on Netflix, Cobra Kai, has a lot of teenage drama. The initial fighting force in them is the rage that they feel for others. And along the way, some of them grow closer than they were, and some grow apart. In any show that has heat as much as this show does, fans wouldn’t be able to stop themselves from shipping for the relations to grow more and more. But, this show is a little different from this. 

Was Cobra Kai ever about different shipping?

As said earlier, Cobra Kai was never about these different relationships shipping. However, having these many teenagers on the show makes it hard for the fans not to think about it. Recently, a discussion about how these relationships form the basis of the show started on Reddit. Take a look here

Hot take: The show was never about ships from cobrakai

This being said, there are fans who think that without the shippers, the couples of the show wouldn’t exist. But clearly, the show is more than just couples and their partners. As pointed out by another Redditor, “The show is about people.” OnePunchReality points out that the movies were about the rivalry between Daniel and Johnny crushing over one girl. The second one was about Mr. Miyagi’s relationships. And this show is about the continuation of those stories in a certain way. 

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However, relationships and ships are two different things. But as it becomes clear from the discussion that the show Cobra Kai is not about the shippers romanticizing the relationships. The show is about the continuation of the previously unfinished stories and the associated conflicts. The show is about the changing patterns of dealing with traumas and changing the ways of interacting with the surrounding people. 

This comment clarifies that the shippers make their own stories and think that the only thing that matters is this and nothing else. They sometimes cannot understand the main plot and focus of the story. Therefore, the show Cobra Kai has some romantic relationships. However, the focus of the show differs from those romantic ideas. Because if that were the case, we wouldn’t have gotten the beautiful bond between Miguel and Johnny, Daniel and Robby, and Sam and Johnny. While Kreese was the devil, he cared about Tory.

Similarly, despite being angry with Tory, Sam’s mother, Amanda also helps Tory. Thus, the show is more than those shippers are saying it is about. In fact, take out the romantic relationships, and each of these characters has significant growth and arcs.

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Of course, there will be different opinions about it, but tell us what you think about it. Have you watched the entire show on Netflix? Do you also think that the show is about those teenage romantic relationships alone?

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