Most Unpopular and Infamous Opinions on ‘Cobra Kai’

Most Unpopular and Infamous Opinions on ‘Cobra Kai’

A show can be the most beloved and yet have some flaws. A classic example of that is Stranger Things. Once the show’s recent season winded down, fans came forward with certain complaints they had about the show and the characters. No matter how popular a show is, viewers would still have some strong opinions regarding it. Cobra Kai, the reboot of the classic 1980s franchise The Karate Kid, not only managed to appeal to the older fans but also to the younger generation.

But despite the anticipation for its fifth season, which is only a month away from releasing, Redditors have started to give their two cents about the show. Here are some of the most unpopular opinions about the Netflix Original.

Redditors share their unpopular opinions on Cobra Kai on

Among the many things fans picked upon, the fight scene amongst the teenagers was on the top. Redditors found these scenes to be super cringy.

Another fan has a problem with Hawk’s redemption arc, while yet another one felt teenagers wrote the show.

Meanwhile, the love triangle or the quadrangle is getting too stale for some. 

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What to expect from the next season of the Karate show?

Originally released on YouTube Red, the show then shifted to Netflix. The move proved worthwhile, as the show gained widespread recognition and cult status among the fans. After a long wait, the fifth installment is finally heading to Netflix on September 9, 2022. The new season will see Daniel team up with his frenemy Chozen to take down Terry Silver.

After winning the All Gallery tournament last season, which he obviously rigged, Silver plans to open Cobra Kai dojos all over California. Meanwhile, Samatha has to deal with her defeat at the tournament. Elsewhere, Johnny and his son Robby take a road trip through Mexico to find Miguel, who is on a mission to find his own father. Speculations are rife that Marty Barnes from the set original franchise may turn out to be his father! 

We’ll know for sure once the show hits the platform on September 9!

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