Cobra Kai Fans Hedge Their Bets on Different Characters for Who Can Beat Terry in a One-on-One Fight

Cobra Kai Fans Hedge Their Bets on Different Characters for Who Can Beat Terry in a One-on-One Fight

Last year we got one of the biggest surprises of our life. The most notorious of Karate Kid villains made his way into the Cobra Kai series. Yes! We are talking about the white-pony-tailed Terry Silver. Terry was the main villain of the final Karate Kid film, and by the end of the fourth season, he quickly became the main villain of the Netflix Original.

Terry is a beast when it comes to fighting. He is one of the best fighters in the show. So naturally, fans of Cobra Kai, who always pitch characters into hypothetical fights with each other, want to know who is worthy enough to beat Terry.

Let us see whom the people choose as a possible contender against Terry Silver.

Who will beat Terry Silver in Cobra Kai?

If there is one phenomenon that has emerged since the coming of streaming services, it is the practice of discussing shows online. Never before in the history of humanity were people so engrossed in shows as they are now.

Fans of a series leave no opportunity to discuss even the slightest of things from their favorite shows. And now a Reddit user, u/CobraKaiFan69420 has posted a question that has been receiving a ton of replies.

The user posted the question asking which character could beat Terry in a one-one fight.

The replies to the question are wide in nature, with many feeling there might not be anyone who could beat Terry alone. However, the most popular among all the characters was Ralph Macchio‘s Daniel LaRusso.

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Some of the comments are.

  • “Daniel. Because of Miyagi-Do. Except that I think if they do face-off this season, he’ll be too emotional and that’ll be his downfall. Silver’s already beaten, Johnny. And Silver is better than Kreese.”

  • “Only if Daniel do the limb thingy Chozen taught him.”
  • “Nobody, it’s a team effort or bust.”
  • “Daniel because of Miyagi-do. Johnny and Kreese could do it together if he had the element of surprise.”

Terry is yet to have a fight with any character in Cobra Kai. Maybe we will get to see a clear winner in the fifth season of the show.

Which character do you think can beat Terry? Let us know your answers in the comments.

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