‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5: Miguel’s Journey to Mexico Will Take You Down The Memory Lane of Karate Kid 2- Here’s Why

‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5: Miguel’s Journey to Mexico Will Take You Down The Memory Lane of Karate Kid 2- Here’s Why

The entire world is aware of the fact that the bad boys are the new heroes of Cobra Kai. It was rather intriguing to watch the kick-ass dojo become the unbeatable one in All Valley in the fourth season. However, this will wreck havoc among the kids of all dojos in Cobra Kai season 5. Cobra Kai’s students sure would want to loosen their muscles after the tournament as they were restricted to fight before that.

But what will be more interesting and heart-warming to watch in the upcoming season is the story of Miguel: The boy who reflects the story of Danny boy from 30 years back. In the season 4 finale, we saw him leaving for Mexico in search of his father.

Over the course of four seasons, Johnny Lawrence could not be the perfect father figure to our modern-day Danial LaRusso. After going from pillar to post with his sensei and mentor, and after everything that happened between Miguel and Sam; he needs to figure out a lot of things in his life. And this trip to Mexico will surely prove to reflect or even surpass the story of Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid 2.

Miguel’s time in Mexico in Cobra Kai Season 5 will reflect Daniel’s story from Karate Kid 2

Unsure about his life and if to continue karate, Miguel goes to Mexico in season five of Cobra Kai. This will also clear up his head while connecting him to the ghosts of his past. It is also entirely possible that his time in Mexico will take us down the memory lane of Karate Kid 2, when Danny boy and Mr. Miyagi had the most enlightening journey to Okinawa, Japan.

Just like Daniel was in search of many things and went there to have a broader understanding of things, Miguel, too, needs to figure out things in life. However, what sets the former’s story apart from the latter is that Daniel’s story affected only a few characters in the movies. However, Miguel’s life decisions based on his trip will affect a lot of main characters, including Johnny Lawrence, his mother, Sam, Tory, and Cobra Kai as a whole.

Moreover, this will also give a chance for the show to move out of the small town and explore what more is there for it to offer. We will also get to see a significant growth in Miguel, as a character. Hence, Daniel and Mr. Miyagi’s trip to Okinawa can be pleasing, but Miguel’s journey, as some popular fan theories suggest, will even be more enlightening and captivating to watch.

Do let us know in the comment section, what are your speculations about Miguel’s journey in Netflix’s Cobra Kai season 5.

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