Ahead of ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5, Fans Make Their Bets For Robby or Miguel Winning a Fight

Ahead of ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5, Fans Make Their Bets For Robby or Miguel Winning a Fight

Cobra Kai Season 5 is soon coming to Netflix to explore the essence of human relationships. However, that doesn’t mean it will lose its hot karate moves. Almost the entire cast will be back to delight fans with dark, thrilling, and complex plots with some heavy dramatics. And in the upcoming season too, the emotional stakes will continue to get higher.

In the fourth season of this karate gig, we saw a ‘karate war’ break out. And as a result, the kick-ass dojo became the best in the Valley. Further, we also saw the most horrible villain, Terry Silver, made his way back to the series. We saw Miguel leaving in search of his father, and much more. Leaving fans with a plethora of questions.


While waiting restlessly for the fifth season, fans do not leave even the slightest chance to discuss their favorite shows and characters online. Earlier, a fan on Reddit put up a question about who will bring down the white-ponied big guy. This time around, it is about a fight between Miguel and Robin.

Let’s see who according to the fans will win the fight between Miguel and Robby-

Who will win in THIS fight in Cobra Kai season 5?

Apparently, a user on Reddit posted a question that is quite popular among the folks, asking who among Miguel or Robby will win a fight in Cobra Kai season 5. Many fans replied in the comment section putting forward their hero and taking their stance while countering others. Notably, the popular opinion stayed in the favor of it will be a draw! They also have an explanation for it.

Who Do You Think Will Win This Fight In Season 5? from cobrakai

Notably, a fan argued that if they let Miguel win, then the very idea of Robby being his potential rival will flush down yet again because he hasn’t won any season-ending fights. On the flip-side, If they let Robby win, which will be great for him indeed; but breaks what the creators have seemingly set up for Miguel all this while. So, a draw seems most likely to set them up as equals.

Other comments included:


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What’s your take on the matter? Who do you think will win the fight? Splash your thoughts about this in the comment section showing no mercy at all. Meanwhile, all seasons of Cobra Kai are streaming on Netflix.

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