Fake Johnny Lawrence, Ralph Macchio, And Cobra Kai Have No Mercy Pranking Around

Fake Johnny Lawrence, Ralph Macchio, And Cobra Kai Have No Mercy Pranking Around

Cobra Kai sure is a huge sucker-punch of nostalgia for ’80s kids. It is funny, clever, and has necessary dramatic elements. It builds on the challenges faced by the original Karate Kid characters Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso. The year 2022 saw the fourth season of this popular show, leaving fans rather amused and curious about what could happen in the upcoming season. The latest season made it certain that the kick-ass dojo is now officially the best in the valley and that Miguel left for Mexico.

Now, only season 5 could reveal what truly will happen when and if Cobra Kai students will let loose their muscles. However, there’s still time until we get to binge on the fifth outing. Meanwhile, we do have something delicious for you. Have you ever wondered what would happen if the dojo kids came to life for real? What would be your reaction if you saw Miguel and Robby fight brutally in front of your eyes? Keep reading, and you might find your answers.

The best Cobra Kai pranks one would want to be a part of

Apparently, some fans of this nostalgic series made a video conducting pranks in their neighbourhood, and trust us; it is downright hilarious. In the first prank video, you will find a fighter of Miyagi-do doing one-on-one with Cobra Kai dojo randomly on a beach. People get rather surprised by their slow moves. In yet another clip, you will see Cobra Kai kid fighting with Miyagi-do kid right inside the dojo. And it seems that fake Daniel LaRusso is having a lot of fun.

Moving forward, if you get a call asking whether you have wax-on-wax-off service, know that it’s just a fake call and tell them that they would first have to clean all the glass windows and mirrors of your house. You might also come across Cobra Kai children, running here and there and asking if someone had seen a kid in a white karate gi. Please say no and save them from being a bully. There may be running skeletons as well, so don’t get scared and haunt them; instead, show no mercy.

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Watch the video above and do let us know which one made you laugh the most. You can also comment on your Cobra Kai prank idea below. Meanwhile, you can stream all seasons of the show on Netflix.

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