Is Xolo Maridueña AKA Miguel from Cobra Kai gay or non-binary?

Is Xolo Maridueña AKA Miguel from Cobra Kai gay or non-binary?

AXolo Maridueña, the rising teenage heartthrob from the Netflix Original Cobra Kai series, has been in the headlines for quite some time. Usually, this surrounds his acting career, particularly his performance in the show as Miguel. This time it is about his gender and sexuality. Read on as we debunk the rumors about Xolo Maridueña being gay in this article.

Is Xolo Maridueña gay or bisexual?

There is no confirmed news yet about Maridueña’s sexuality or gender. He hasn’t said anything about it so far. According to HITC, the actor was reportedly dating his fellow actress, Hannah Kepple, which means that he currently is either straight, bisexual or pansexual. Kepple plays the role of Moon in the Netflix series, and the two had a ton of social media posts with each other that they later deleted.

As for rumors about Maridueña being non-binary, there again is no word from the actor that confirms or denies this. With matters as sensitive as sexuality and gender identity at hand, it is best not to jump to conclusions and wait for the actor to say something about the same.

Fans should also keep in mind that the actor is only 20 years old. Many people come out about their sexuality after having explored their identity enough, something that comes with age. Hence, there are equal chances that Maridueña might be gay, as there are of him being straight. In either case, fans must stay supportive of the actor.

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Is Miguel straight?

Young adult fans certainly have a thing for the disturbing and grotesque ‘enemies-to-lovers’ trope. While this might have worked for Elizabeth and Darcy in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, we don’t see it working for Robby and Miguel in Cobra Kai.

Yes, you read that right. After Robby brutally beat Miguel up, fans were expecting their supposed “tension” to manifest into a kindling romance. This is how rumors about Miguel, the actor Xolo Maridueña plays, being gay started out.

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However, the protagonist of the Netflix Original has dated Sam and Tory with no hint of romance with any male, least of all, Robby.

What are your thoughts on Miguel being gay and a probable romance between him and Robby in the latter seasons of Cobra Kai?

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    so i think miguel is a sweet guy in cobra hes good likeable he beat robbie are they freinds of set or is there a rivarily over who the gay following

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