‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 teaser: Johnny Lawrence and Robby Keene join FBI, But It’s Not Federal Bureau of Investigation

‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 teaser: Johnny Lawrence and Robby Keene join FBI, But It’s Not Federal Bureau of Investigation

How do you measure a film’s greatness? By the number of awards it won or the money it collected at the box office? Well, we do not know about you, but we measure a film’s greatness by how influential a film has been. And if there is one movie that has stood the test of time but defied, it has to be The Karate Kid. What started merely as a film turned into a trilogy with a highly successful reboot in 2010, and a spin-off series with five seasons. Cobra Kai Season 5 is on its way, and we are all for it.

Johnny Lawrence is one of those characters who has always been a huge part of the films. And his character is not only an integral part of the show but also fun to watch. So now that a new teaser for Cobra Kai is released, fans have spotted a hilarious moment between Johnny and his son Robby.

Johnny and Robby join the FBI in Cobra Kai Season 5

Stakes are going to be really high in the much-awaited fifth season of the Cobra Kai. But keeping on the show’s trajectory and how they manage to squeeze in some laughter, Johnny and Robby are joining the FBI.

Now now, we know there isn’t remotely anything funny about the FBI, but we haven’t told you its full form.

In the newest teaser for Cobra Kai, the father-son duo is seen wearing a “Female Body Inspector” or FBI sweatshirt outside a fighting ring.

This is a hilarious piece of costume to be given to Johnny as we all know him as a guy who is still stuck in the 80s. And to see a character like Robby, who has been this serious and brooding character, wearing such a t-shirt, is hilarious.

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After the events of season 4, Robby finally gets along with his father. We will see more scenes between them. We even see Robby in a lighter mood than ever before. The FBI scene will likely be a classic action film scene where the impulsive lead (Johnny) and his level-headed sidekick (Robby) get into trouble and kick some ass.

Suffice to say, in season 5, Robby and Johnny will for sure be spending more time together as they are in Mexico looking for Miguel, who is trying to find his father.

What are your thoughts on the scene? Let us know in the comments.

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