Robby Leaves Cobra Kai for THIS Reason

Robby Leaves Cobra Kai for THIS Reason

Cobra Kai creators and writers have mastered the skill of character development. Several characters have evolved throughout the Cobra Kai series. From Eli’s newfound confidence after a haircut to Tori’s therapy, everyone has grown. Another character who had a major change of perspective in Cobra Kai was Robby Keene, after his fight against Kenny.

The series was gradually hinting at Robby’s shift, after the rumble at school at the end of season two. But it took more time than we expected for Robby to have a wake-up call. So, let us look at how Robby regained his conscience in season four.

Robby mentors Kenny at Cobra Kai

At the start of the season, Robby is reluctant to join Cobra Kai‘s dojo. However, Tori and Kreese finally get to Robby, and he joins Cobra Kai. Moreover, the series introduces us to Kenny, the new kid in town. Anthony and his friends bully Kenny from his first day at school, and things only get worse.

Kenny joins Cobra Kai on his elder brother Shawn’s recommendation and looks up to Robby as a mentor. Robby helps Kenny with his karate and also defends him when needed. However, things go downhill at the All Valley Karate Tournament, as Robby does not hold back in his fight against Kenny.

After the match, Kenny vents his anger at Anthony, who apologizes for bullying, but Robby interferes to stop Kenny. Robby goes to the dojo to reflect on his mistakes, instead finds Johnny, and the two have a much-needed moment. Thus, Robby feels like he guided Kenny down the wrong path, and even if he leaves, Kenny might not follow.

The dojo goes from bad to worse

Perhaps Terry’s arrival has caused most of the problems, but they had already lost the dojo under Kreese. And the veteran would have salvaged little as he reconsidered his techniques during the tournament. Terry was taking the dojo in the wrong direction, which Tori realized after she witnessed him bribing the referee.

Even Daniel had warned Robby about Terry’s devilish charm at the supermarket. But Robby did not pay heed to Daniel’s warning. Even Johnny and Shannon, Robby’s mother, who rarely agree on anything, knew something was off with Terry. He had rented his car and clothes for Robby during the prom.

We hope season five puts Robby on the right path with Johnny by his side. We can not only expect Robby to leave the dojo, but he could also help Johnny search for Miguel.

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What changes did you notice in Robby’s behavior in Cobra Kai season 4? Do you think Robby will leave Cobra Kai? Let us know in the comments.

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