‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 Theory Hints at a Deepening Rivalry Between Tory and Sam

‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 Theory Hints at a Deepening Rivalry Between Tory and Sam

There are plenty of Cobra Kai theories surrounding season 5 taking rounds on the internet. And one of the wildest theories suggests the return of Karate Kid 3 villain, Mike Barnes. But his appearance would mean the rivalry between Daniel LaRusso’s daughter and Cobra Kai dojo’s best student would get even more heated. Their rivalry worsened after Tory beat Sam in the All Valley Karate Tournament in season 4. How will Barnes make it worse? Let’s find out.

Who is Mike Barnes and how does his appearance affect the duo in Cobra Kai season 5?

Mike Barnes, otherwise known as the Bad Boy Karate, is another villain from Daniel’s past. They go 30 years back when Terry Silver recruited Mike to beat LaRusso at the All Valley Karate Tournament. Barnes had almost snatched the championship away from him. Now, years later, he may return as Tory’s father in the series.

We still don’t have much information about Tony’s background. It’s still a mystery. All we know so far is that she has a sick mother and a brother. But the identity of her mother or father was never revealed. There are high chances that the creators may introduce him as her father. This would mean history is repeating for the LaRusso family. However, a double confrontation would up the entertainment value of the show. 

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How can he be Rory’s father?

Barnes being her father would make more sense because Tory’s father was never revealed. Moreover, there are similarities between the two in appearance and also their aggressive combat style. Could Mike have trained Tory as a child? Could she have taken up karate because of her father?

Why is Mike’s appearance likely in the upcoming season? 

Terry Silver told Kreese at the finale of Cobra Kai season 4 about friends, who can lend him a helping hand in managing the dojos. Fans are betting that one of these friends is none other than Mike Barnes. After all, Silver had teamed up with Mike in Karate Kid 3 to make Daniel’s life a living hell. 

Plus, the show just loves bringing back its villains. Kreese, Terry Silver, and Chozen all have made an appearance except for Mike Barnes.

What do you think? Will Mike Barnes re-enter LaRusso’s life?

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