‘Cobra Kai’ Cast Hints at New Alliances and “old wounds” in Season 5: “Our writers are great at making some drama go on”

‘Cobra Kai’ Cast Hints at New Alliances and “old wounds” in Season 5: “Our writers are great at making some drama go on”

No one in the world thought that a Karate Kid spin-off on YouTube would reach the heights of success it has now. Indeed, the show has garnered a fan base for itself apart from obviously the pre-existing Karate Kid fans. But now that Cobra Kai is heading towards a season 5, the whole cast has been talking about how the show exceeded their expectations. They also shared what the future relationship of their characters can be.

The cast of Cobra Kai talks about the show before the season 5

The cast, including William Zabka, Peyton List, and Tanner Buchanan, spoke up about season 5 during PaleyFest LA 2022, where Cobra Kai staged a special screening and Q&A at the Dolby Theatre.

While talking about the show and how it has become a sensation, William Zabka, who plays the iconic role of Johnny Lawrence, said how surprised and blessed he felt that the show has been able to become so popular.

He even says that when the show first started on YouTube, the whole cast had no idea that they would be making a fifth season someday. They “never could’ve imagined it.”

Thomas Ian Griffith agreed with William by saying that when he first saw the three episodes of the show on YouTube, he had no idea show would become such a huge success and that he would make an appearance.

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While on the subject of his appearance, Thomas said that he was really impressed and grateful to the writers for giving his character such depth and arc, which was previously undiscovered.

Finally, to conclude his interview, Ian said that to be a part of the spin-off show of Karate Kid, the movie that started his acting career was “great.

Watch the full interview here

Will Robby and Johnny repair their relationship?

Next up in the interview was Tanner Buchanan who plays Robby Keen, Johnny’s son on the show. The loyal fans of the show, who have been following the show for all these years now know Robby and Johnny have had a bumpy relationship.

So while talking about if Johnny and Robby will make amends Tanner says, “anything can happen we will have to wait and see.”

When Tanner was asked what to expect from the future season he said that in the Cobra Kai world anything could happen and praised the writers by saying “our writers are great at making some drama go on.”

Looks like we will have to wait till Cobra Kai season 5 streams on Netflix to know for sure if Robby and Johnny finally come together or not.

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