How ‘Separate Ways’ by Journey, the Stranger Things 4 Trailer Song, Perfectly Aligns With the Show Set in 1980s and the Darker Plot

How ‘Separate Ways’ by Journey, the Stranger Things 4 Trailer Song, Perfectly Aligns With the Show Set in 1980s and the Darker Plot

Fans of Stranger Things know all too well just how perfect the show’s soundtrack is. From Suzie and Dustin’s infamous rendition of Limahl’s Never Ending Story to the signature Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash, each and every track is carefully chosen to make sure it fits the context and theme of the show perfectly. Hence, we couldn’t help but notice the song we hear in the trailer of Stranger Things season 4.

Watch the trailer here:

The very iconic soundtrack of Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a very significant show. And no, we’re not talking about Bridgerton or The Witcher’s level of significance. We’re talking about a scale where Stranger Things season 4 has the potential and chances to be able to cross Bridgerton and Squid Game to quickly become the biggest launch of Netflix.

With this amount of popularity, it is no surprise that the show is, in fact, very well created. Set in the 1980s, the show brings to life the perfect blend of reality and fantasy. While we know that Eleven and Kali do not exist, the Netflix Original needed some element that would help fans relate to the show and not feel entirely foreign watching it. One such medium to achieve this goal was music. 

While many shows boast a great soundtrack, Bridgerton, for example, music still generally proves to be a highly underutilized asset. However, the creators of this Netflix series made sure they don’t make the same mistake. And hence came to be one of the most iconic soundtracks of television. The soundtrack features artists and songs from the era, to make sure fans are transported right back into the 80s not just visually, but using their audio as well.

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How does the song fit the context of Stranger Things season 4?

At the end of Stranger Things season 3, we saw that Eleven had lost some of the most significant things in her life. This included her father, Hopper, who she believes is dead, Mike, who resides in Hawkins while she has moved away to California, and then Hawkins itself, her first home ever since her release from the laboratory.

Hence, when we heard Separate Ways by Journey in Stranger Things season 4 trailer, we couldn’t help but marvel at the impeccable choice of the song. The lines “here we stand, worlds apart” ring especially true when we think of Eleven’s separation not only from her lover but her father as well. Hearing Steve Perry sings the following lines, one cannot help but think of the bond between Eleven and Hopper:

If he ever hurts you

True love won’t desert you

You know I still love you

Though we touched and went our separate ways

Listen to the entire track here:

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