From Hawk vs Kenny to Miguel vs Robby, Fans Predict the Pool-Side Fight in ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5

From Hawk vs Kenny to Miguel vs Robby, Fans Predict the Pool-Side Fight in ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5

Until season 5 of Cobra Kai, we have seen many relationships change their course. For instance, at the beginning of the show, we saw Miguel becoming friends with Eli and Dimitri at school. Then, as the narration progresses, we see Eli becoming Hawk and he breaks his best friend Dimitri’s arm. From strangers to friends, and from friends to family, we have seen almost every dynamic of their relationships.

While we are eagerly waiting for season 5 to stream so that we can binge-watch the whole series, Netflix dropped the official trailer. In there, we can see Miguel and Robby against each other. “We’re not friends,” says Miguel, and Robby adds, “We never will be.” The pool fight in the trailer has caught everyone’s eyes for a lot of reasons. One of them is the fights between Hawk and Kenny and Miguel and Robby.

The rivalry continues in Cobra Kai season 5

Robby is very protective of Kenny, and Miguel is protective of his friends. When in the trailer, we saw Hawk and Kenny fighting, all our hearts raced because then Miguel and Robby would also get up to resolve the fight. Exactly that happened. Redditors are creating their own theories for the reason behind the fight.

One fan predicted Miguel will see Kenny kick Anthony in the pool and will try to square off against him. Robby, being protective of Kenny, will stand up against Miguel. But the other one has a deeper and more detailed theory ready.

Someone says otherwise. According to them, Hawk pushes Kenny into the pool and Robby comes to the rescue. Seeing Robby come forward to save the day prompted Miguel to get up and go. Some of them commented about Kenny being the one who got bullied and now he wants to act tough is pretty laughable.

The sudden shift of attitude in Kenny is a little surprising. However, we saw in the finale of season 4 that Hawk is the best and the most authentic of himself. He is more confident and is now humble. Meanwhile, Johnny goes to find Miguel with Robby. Miguel had just accepted Johnny and her mother’s relationship. This fight adds more fuel to his feelings when Miguel sees Robby with Johnny.

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We are as clueless as you about the reason for the fight. So, if you have any more thoughts about it, share them with us. Till then, let the uncertainty be aside and re-watch the show here on Netflix and make our waiting period a little easier.

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