“The team up we all needed”: Twitter Explodes as Fans Go Gaga After Netflix Drops New ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 Trailer

“The team up we all needed”: Twitter Explodes as Fans Go Gaga After Netflix Drops New ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 Trailer

-One of the reasons we all enjoy Cobra Kai so much is that it does things that we imagined as kids but never believed we’d see. As a great Karate Kid fan, we’ve often wondered what would happen if the “evil guys” from the first two movies, Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Chozen Toguchi (Yuji Okumoto), teamed up. Can they eventually beat Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio)? As the first full trailer for Cobra Kai season 5 shows, Johnny and Chozen do pair up this year. A Karate Kid fan’s fantasy has come true. They’re not fighting Daniel, though. They’re fighting with Daniel.

Fans are reacting to the Cobra Kai Season 5 just like we thought they would

Netflix has published the first teaser for Season 5, which shows Daniel (Ralph Macchio) attempting to reclaim Johnny (William Zabka) after he abandoned karate to focus on righting his wrongs from the past.

There’s a lot to consider here, especially given how rapidly alliances develop and break on the program. Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffth) has reverted to becoming a walking 80’s villain stereotype as he attempts to conquer the valley with a dozen or more dojos scattered around the region. Robby (Tanner Buchanan) and Miguel (Xolo Mariduea) square off like never before, while John Kreese (Martin Kove) has become a jail brawler.

Naturally, after watching such a thriller of a trailer fans could not control their excitement and immediately started Tweeting about their expectation from the new season and how much they loved the trailer. Let us look at some of the fan reactions.

The fans of the show have literally broken the internet in sheer minutes since the trailer was released. But this is just a glimpse of how much fas of Cobra Kai were patiently waiting for a glimpse into the new season. The release date was announced back in May and since then no news was shared regarding the fifth season.

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As a result, as soon as fans got to see the new trailer they immediately let the world know how much they waited for it and loved it. The show arrives this September only on Netflix.

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