‘Cobra Kai’ Creator Hints at a Possible Death of a Hero in Season 5

‘Cobra Kai’ Creator Hints at a Possible Death of a Hero in Season 5

The viewers are eagerly waiting for this thrilling teenage drama to stream. It seems Cobra Kai season 5 will be full of surprises. The previous season ended with many heart-wrenching cliffhangers. On one side, Terry Silver sabotages John Kreese. On the other side, two long-term rivals, Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso, shake hands to work together to fight against Cobra Kai and defeat them. Some characters from the past will also appear in this season. And now another surprise awaits fans of the show.

Death in Cobra Kai Season 5?

Cobra Kai has been a violent show till now. The openly-displayed teenage fighting scenes were dangerous. The violence increased to a level that some of them had a near-death experience. Miguel even got himself paralyzed. While the show has been aggressive on so many levels, it also has portrayed moments of love, compassion, kindness, and friendship, along with all the twists and surprises.

Now, the 5th season is going to be streaming soon, we have been hearing so much surprising news about it. Some characters from the past will reappear and add a little more drama to it. Recently, the creator of the show, Hayden Schlossberg tweeted a very astonishing statement that raised a number of questions in our minds. Here, take a look.

Hayden answered a fan with this statement saying someone must die in order to save others. Is someone really going to die in this season of Cobra Kai? Who is it going to be? Why would they die? Would they be murdered? We are as clueless as you are. But one thing we know for sure is that Hayden certainly knows how to keep up the hype for the show. He wrote in his tweet about the death of your favorite character: “There comes that time in all karate operas, where things get so intense you just know one of your favorite characters will die.”

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He also added that this reminds him of simpler days when the characters used to die just because they didn’t get the food they were craving. A fan reacted to this tweet by saying Hayden was messing with them. But what if this was true? What if someone would really die? Can you think of someone? Share your theories with us in the comment box.

Meanwhile, let us wait for Cobra Kai season 5 to reach us on Netflix.

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