Will Johnny Go Back to ‘Cobra Kai’ After All the Mayhem ?

Will Johnny Go Back to ‘Cobra Kai’ After All the Mayhem ?

Anticipation is running high for the return of Cobra Kai with its fifth installment on September 9. Since the massive cliffhanger ending, fans have been waiting for some major answers this season, and with Netflix dropping little teasers and promos here and there, fans have already started to speculate about the story arc. They are especially invested in Johnny Lawrence’s arc now that Silver has become unstoppable.

Redditors speculate whether Johnny can take Cobra Kai dojo away from Silver’s clutches

Johnny was the best student of the Cobra Kai dojo when he was learning karate from his sensei Kreese. But he very quickly learned that his methods were wrong and left the dojo. The dojo was ultimately closed and banned from the All Valley Tournament. Until 38 years later, a down-on-luck Johnny reinstated it to teach Miguel and his other student’s karate. He had hoped to keep Kreese away from the dojo but was unsuccessful. Silver and Kreese both took over his dojo, and he was forced to open his own dojo, Eagle Fang.

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Of course, the rivalries intensified to the point where he teamed up with his former adversary, Daniel LaRusso’s Miyagi Do. However, both were defeated at the All Valley Tournament in the season 4 finale. With Cobra Kai in the hands of evil Silver, fans are worried about the dojo and Johnny’s fate. Some are convinced that Johnny will win back his dojo, while others think otherwise. 

What to expect from season 5? 

Since both Miyagi Do and Eagle Fang experienced a harrowing defeat last season, the question remains whether they will honor the pact with Silver and close their dojos. Meanwhile, it is also teased that they join hands with Chozen to stop Silver. Some good Johnny and Robby bonding is long overdue, and the father-son duo will get plenty of that this season. They are supposedly embarking on a road trip to Mexico to find Miguel, who is looking for his dad.

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