Fans Call Out a Major Flaw in Hawk’s Character From ‘Cobra Kai’

Fans Call Out a Major Flaw in Hawk’s Character From ‘Cobra Kai’

The characters in Cobra Kai have shown major transformations throughout all the seasons. Some of them became softer, while some let the power of overconfidence rule them. They destroyed many things and relations while making some new ones as well. However, one Cobra Kai character that showed the most variations is Hawk aka Eli. He became the bully while forgetting the days when he used to get bullied. And now, just days before streaming of season 5, fans call out the major flaw in Hark’s character.

Did you notice this major flaw in Hawk throughout Cobra Kai?

With different colorful hair and overconfidence, Hawk, who was Eli Moskowitz in the beginning, has been through many trials. He even became the reason for someone’s pain and misery. While we are yet to see what the upcoming season has for him, fans on Reddit pointed out one major flaw in Hawk’s character.

They pointed out Hawk’s scar above his lips. Because of the scar, his fellow students at school made fun of him. They even called him funny names. But as the show progresses, the scar seems to have disappeared more and more.

From season 1 till season 5, the disappearing of the scar above Hawk’s lips caught the attention of some fans. They even tried to come up with some theories as well. One of the user said Johnny Lawrence‘s yelling has replaced Mr. Miyagi’s meditative hand rubbing when it comes to healing. Some fans agreed with this statement and said Johnny’s yelling must have made it disappear. 

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While others think that when Hawk can afford to pay for his giant tattoo and the hair colors, it is possible that he must have paid someone off to remove the scar as well. Although he’s not shown working anywhere in the show, but his family seemed rich. His mother gives him a car in season 2. His house also looks nice in season 4.

“My theory is his parents were just so happy he came out of his shell and made friends that they bought him his motorcycle. As for the tattoos….well he somehow got a fake ID so he probably also figured out a way to get a discount on his back tattoo from “my boi Rico” too,” read a theory by silentsaebyeok.

However, an interesting theory related to the regular abuse that Hawk is subjected to between Karate classes and all the brawls. But a few other fans took their theories to another level, bringing self-image into the picture.

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Another fan had pointed out Johnny’s skills of curing Miguel’s asthma and helping him through his paralysis. While these fans have their own thoughts about Hawk and his scars, what do you have to say? If you’ve noticed anything else in the show, share them with us in the comment box.

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