Why ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 Needs More Episodes Than The Usual Number

Why ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 Needs More Episodes Than The Usual Number

The kicking television series by Robert Mark Kamen, Cobra Kai is coming back for another season of action and drama. Netflix has dropped the trailer of the show, making fans wonder how the cliffhanger of season 4 will divulge. Because lastly, Terry Silver won the  All-Valley Karate tournament leading to an expansion of his empire. Meanwhile, the Eagle Fang Karate had to shut down, which means kids of their circle will face challenges in season 5.

The trailer has already received about 1.80 million views on YouTube, while fans have started flooding their comments and speculations about season 5 on social media. Moreover, fans have a new demand from the show’s creators to increase the number of episodes. Let’s see what Redditors are saying about this idea presented by a user.

Cobra Kai Season 5 is giving heads up to an enormous Karate war coming

After watching the trailer of Cobra Kai Season 5, fans have started expressing their expectations for the show. Because of the new battles and famous faces of the Karate world, entering the series this time. One fan on Reddit recently asked other fans an intriguing question that led to a whole lot of conversation.

The post stated: “Does anyone think there might be more than 10 episodes this season?” 

The fan said that the new season would be based on Daniel’s storyline when he is defeated by his rival. At the same time, Mexico plays an essential part, which might make the show much lengthy. So he added either the creators would extend the timings of the episodes or there would be more episodes.

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So many new things are coming, including the famous bad guy of Karate Kids. Continuing his speculation about the show, fans agreed and gave their opinions. Let’s see some of the comments from the subreddit chit-chat chain.

Fan’s Reactions 

Some expressed their excitement and loved the idea put forward, while others were steadfast in bingeing the show regardless of the season’s length.


Meanwhile, one fan gave a whole detailed account of what might happen in the upcoming season.

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These heated conversations about the show tell us that the stakes for Cobra Kai are even higher this time. And fans couldn’t get enough now as the series has always been limited to 10 episodes of 30 minutes. Thus, they wishes to see more of this legendary martial arts drama on Netflix. Do you think fan wishes will come true? Comment down below.

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