Not Just Karate, ‘Cobra Kai’ Cast Took Different Lesson To Embrace Their Characters

Not Just Karate, ‘Cobra Kai’ Cast Took Different Lesson To Embrace Their Characters

Cobra Kai is the most discussed series right now amongst the fans of karate. Rivalry after 34 years of separation, new teenage drama, growing love triangles, and a lot of action are some things that the fans of the show love. The characters of the show have issues that are close to their real lives, which brings them closer to the audience. However, the recent talks with the cast members would bring them even closer to their fans. While we are waiting for season 5 of the show, let us hear what the cast of the show has taken with them other than karate lessons.

Once Socrates said, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” While it was one of the lessons that Mr. Miyagi tried to teach Daniel in The Karate Kid movie, the cast of Cobra Kai seems to have taken it seriously, too. As we have already talked about it earlier, the cast reminds us once again that the show is not just about karate and different ships. It conveys more than that. Mary Mouser, along with these co-stars of the show, talked about what they have learned from the show.

Cobra Kai star gained more than karate lessons

Every show has something more to say than what we think. Right ahead of the premiere of Cobra Kai season 5, the cast of the show received admiration and love from fans. While they expressed their gratitude and wonder about how huge the show has become, the interviewer asked them these questions about what they’d learned from the show. And this is what each star has gained.

Mary Mouser, who plays the character of Samantha LaRusso, talked about her learning. She found her own self through Samantha’s journey of finding herself in the show. Mary admitted to being on the safe side always. However, portraying Samantha in the show made Mary come out of her comfort zone as well. Mary personally struggled with her confidence. But Samantha’s journey gave her that. “I was able to do that thing that I never thought I could do. And now I wanna do the next thing, the next hardest thing,” said Mary.

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Meanwhile, Peyton List learned to create healthy boundaries. She learned that it’s okay to have enemies, and it’s okay not to be everyone’s best friend. Gianni DeCenzo, who portrays Demetri, said that no matter what his character achieved in the show, “Demetri always, kind of, stays true to himself,” said Gianni. He loved that about Demetri.

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Well, everyone learned one thing or the other from Cobra Kai. What did you learn from it? You can re-watch the show here and revisit the karate universe to watch the show with a different approach.

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