“Makes it sound like Mr. Miyagi is a vampire”: ‘Cobra Kai’ Fans Point Out the Ridiculousness of the Ultimate Team-Up of Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang

“Makes it sound like Mr. Miyagi is a vampire”: ‘Cobra Kai’ Fans Point Out the Ridiculousness of the Ultimate Team-Up of Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang

While we await the streaming of the upcoming season of Cobra Kai, fans are coming up with various points to keep the hype alive. In the previous season, we witnessed the unbelievable moment of Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence‘s newly tied knot. At the final match, while Sam was getting ready to fight against Tory, the fans saw Daniel’s change of heart. And to beat ‘Cobra Kai’, Miyagi Do teams up with his arch-enemy, Eagle Fang. Daniel himself jokingly makes the name of their joint dojo, Miyagi Fangs. However, the fans find it ridiculous.

Miyagi Fangs versus Cobra Kai

While the ‘Cobra Kai’ senseis, John Creese and Terry Silver are now against each other, Daniel and Johnny have come together. In the last episode of the previous season, we saw Terry Silver betraying John Creese in every possible way. Following this iconic moment of the show, Johnny and Daniel come together to create a strong team to beat ‘Cobra Kai’ with their combined techniques. However, the name that Daniel suggested at the tournament “Miyagi Fang” seems to have caught the attention of the fans. This is how they have reacted to the ridiculous name of their newly found dojo.

Hot Take. Miyagi fang is a cringe name for a dojo. from cobrakai

The fans of the show point to the ridiculousness and say that the name is cringe. They also add that the name, Miyagi Fangs, makes it sound as if Mr. Miyagi is a vampire, which makes no sense. However, some defenders said that the name was merely for the moment only when Daniel offered his hand to Johnny. While one user said that the showrunners must have known about the ridiculousness of the name because when even Daniel was speaking it, he sarcastically laughed.

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The fans are hoping to see another badass name for their dojo to compete against another badass dojo. Miyagi Do and Eagle Fang are perfectly fine names on their own. Now that the showrunners will continue this partnership, they should create another name as well.

Do you have any suggestions or wild guesses about the name of their combined dojo? If it were up to you to create a name, what would it be? How would you justify it? Share your thoughts with us. Until then stream other seasons of the show.

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