“I feel sorry for me”: Jamie Campbell Bower Opens Up About the Horrors of Playing Vecna, and None of It Is Guilt for the Killings

“I feel sorry for me”: Jamie Campbell Bower Opens Up About the Horrors of Playing Vecna, and None of It Is Guilt for the Killings

Stranger Things season 4 was the grandest of all the seasons of this Netflix flagship. Whether it was the scale, locations, the VFX, or the budget, everything was a massive version of itself. This season also saw many additions to the cast. From Hoppers Russian accomplices to the psychotic jocks of Hawkins High, every recruit elevated the storylines. Also, who can forget Chrissy and Eddie without tearing up? But the greatest addition to the show was Jamie Campbell Bower. Portraying Henry/Vecna/001, we really couldn’t ask for a more terrifying villain. But this villain seems to be feeling sorry for himself. Why?

Jamie Campbell Bower feels sorry for himself

In his recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jamie Campbell Bower shared his struggles with playing Vecna. And, no, it’s not the serial killings of innocent teenagers that bothers him. When asked how much of Vecna’s look in Stranger Things is CGI, Bower informed that “It’s about 90 percent real.” I’m sure he’s referring to his nerve-chilling voice as well.

Jamie further added, “It takes about eight hours to put the whole thing on.” Unsurprisingly, this statement received a sympathetic roar from the audience, who felt Bower’s pain. Bower graciously acknowledged the host and the studio audience, saying, “Thank you, I appreciate that. I feel sorry for me, too.

Talking more about the process, he said, “We start at like 3:00 A.M. in the morning to be ready for about 10:00, and then I have to act.” He even informed us it takes about 90 minutes to de-Vecna-fy himself. But he pulled it off, and how! And with barely any CGI. All the while also playing the kind-hearted orderly who helps Eleven, only to be later revealed as 001, Henry, and Vecna.

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Literally transforming into Vecna

Playing a villain is often much more challenging than the classic good guys. There are so many layers and nuances pertaining to the attributes and the driving force that the actor needs to keep in mind. Imagine doing all that while adorning the literal weight of the character. We are talking kilograms of prosthetics and makeup. And fans love him for it, maybe a little too much.

Netflix even uploaded a video breaking down the entire process of Bower becoming Vecna. The actor even gave a shout-out to the prosthetic artist Barry Gower, who’s “amazing, who works on Game of Thrones and The Witcher.” Jamie even mentioned the other creatives like Duncan Jarman, Mike McCash, Nicks, and Eric Garcia, who were imperative to his Vecna aesthetics.

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Hearing about his struggles and looking at the entire making-of reel, one can only be in awe of the immensely talented Jamie Campbell Bower. Major props to him and the entire creative team for bringing Vecna to life. What do you think of his transformation? We, for one, couldn’t ask for more. This definitely calls for a re-watching of Stranger Things 4.

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