Matt and Ross Duffer Thought Jamie Campbell Bower Was “possessed” and They Didn’t Even Use CGI to Capture THIS Vecna Moment

Matt and Ross Duffer Thought Jamie Campbell Bower Was “possessed” and They Didn’t Even Use CGI to Capture THIS Vecna Moment

The Duffer brothers did really stick to their word: just prosthetics and practical effects and minimal CGI in Stranger Things. They used CGI only to create the hellscape and to add movements to those disgusting vines and tentacles *wet squelching*. Jamie Campbell Bower took care of the rest: getting on the grotesque suit and Vecna makeup and even working on his pitch to speak Vecna’s dialogues. But he delivered beyond the Duffers’ expectations. The brothers were dumbfounded when they thought a particular scene was CGI when it was Bower all along! 

The Duffer brothers were convinced that Jamie Campbell Bower was possessed in the final scene

In the final showdown between Vecna and the rest of the Hawkins gang, despite his telekinetic abilities, he takes a lot of hits. While Eleven is fighting him in Max’s consciousness, the rest of the Hawkins gang has traveled to the Creel house in the Upside Down. He is torched, takes a bullet from Nancy, and falls down the window. During that scene, he displays an expression full of rage and pain. His mouth hangs open while his body is lit on fire. 

Jamie Campbell Bower revealed that during post-production, Matt and Ross paused on that scene to check if it was CGI because Jamie’s mouth had dropped so low, and they thought he was “possessed.” The actor later joked that it was highly possible because that scene was shot at 2 am. Vecna might have mirrored his tired expression and wanted to wrap up quickly! The actor had put a ton of effort into the role of Vecna. It would require nearly 7 hours to get into that suit and do all that makeup. 

Moreover, the actor even adjusted his voice to match the pitch at which Vecna speaks.

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Is Vecna dead in season 4?

Stranger Things season 4 unveiled that Henry is indeed 001 and the transitioned Vecna. In the end, he disappeared after getting wounded, but he isn’t dead. Will can still feel his presence.

However, Campbell plays coy when asked about his presence in season 5. Well, dear Vecna, we have Will to tell us when you are around.

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