Vecna Thirst Tweets Leave Stranger Things’ Jamie Campbell Bower Shocked and Exclaiming, “Good Lord”

Vecna Thirst Tweets Leave Stranger Things’ Jamie Campbell Bower Shocked and Exclaiming, “Good Lord”

While the fans are still hyped about Stranger Things season 4, there is a big surprise for the devil Vecna. All the actors are receiving so much love from their fans. Some of them are also angry at the creators for killing Eddie off. Because Vecna was all revengeful, the kids had to fight him off. Some blame Vecna for the disturbing ending of the how, while others show their love and weird desires for the monster. Let’s see how they left the actor who played Vecna, Jamie Campbell Bower, gobsmacked with their affection.

Strange Desires for Vecna on Stranger Things!

After season 4 of the show aired, fans discovered so many dark truths about the characters. They went from knowing nothing to facing the monster himself. Who knew this monster, responsible for many deaths, would get this much love from the viewers? Jamie Campbell Bower, with BuzzFeed, discovered some weird fantasies from the fans. He reads out and responds to these creative fan tweets. Take a look here:

As the thumbnail of the video shows, Jamie was utterly shocked and surprised while reading those thirst tweets. Let us tell you some of them here. The reading started off hilariously. The tweet said, “I need Jamie Campbell to read thirst tweets, but not mine.” Well, it’s too late. They’re doing it. So, it is actually happening.

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Another one said, “Vecna is so sexy, I want him so bad.” And Jamie responds to that one and tells her to pull it together. He says that Vecna has got tentacles and a big left hand. Yet another fan had a sex dream, and Jamie Campbell Bower was the object of her desire. He responds by asking the fan to take him to dinner first.

A tweet with all caps made Jamie go, “Oh, my goodness, good Lord.” Well, the tweet said, “I want to slam Jamie Campbell Bower against the door, and make out passionately and have rough s*x afterwards.” Surprised, Jamie says that this person knows what she wants. “Thank you, I guess?” he says awkwardly before quickly moving to the next one.

The next one was about Vecna and his vines. It reads, “To be honest, I understand Vecna’s motivations cause if I went from looking like a hot piece of a*s to that I would be mad too.” This made Jamie laugh. Jamie revealed the motivations go a little deeper than skin only. But he likes the vines and the nails. “Did you know that there is a good nail salon in Upside Down?” jokes Jamie, while looking at another thirst tweet.

Jamie feels that some of them might be watching the wrong show as he reads the next tweet. “The guy who plays Vecna on Stranger Things is so hot. Please choose me to F**k you,” read the tweet. Well, Vecna is not having sex with anyone. He literally kills people off. “My gosh, where do you find these people?” exclaims Jamie jokingly.

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Some tweets had a lot of visuals in them., while others were wildly fantastic. All of them made him feel like he was back in high school. It’s not that anything like this happened to Jamie in his school days, but the actor claims that there’s a weird feeling inside. In the end, Jamie thanks his fans for all this weirdness. Tell us which one of these tweets made you laugh and surprised? Do you also have imaginative thoughts about Vecna?

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