Brett Gelman Aka Murray Bauman Wants To “Have (his) moments with Vecna” And More In ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5

Brett Gelman Aka Murray Bauman Wants To “Have (his) moments with Vecna” And More In ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5

Brett Gelman has played a very spirited role in the embodiment of Murray Bauman in Stranger Things. He is a teacher, inventor, journalist, priest, and even a postman to the Hawkins gang as we first met him in season 2. Throughout the series viewers got to know about his different talents and that he is really a genius man with a big heart. And the character used to easily rely on him for any kind of assistance. Or help like we saw this season when he went to Russia with Joyce. Even though he didn’t have any personal connection to all the circumstances going on in the lives of people. 

Brett Gelman desires to have an exclusive encounter with the main villain of Stranger Things 

There are many characters in Stranger Things who haven’t encountered Vecna and literally, nobody ever wants to bring that doom on themselves. While our lovely Brett Gelman aka Murray Bauman has a different opinion as he would love to meet this havoc-wreaking monster.

In one of his interviews with Vulture Gelman stated he wants to show some action in the upcoming season and save the day with his Karate Kicks. Moving forward he added:  

“I hope I get to have my moments with Vecna or get into karate fights with Demogorgons and whatnot.” 

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The actor got the chance to bring some real action in season 4 when he had a karate fight with Yuri on the airplane. Although he had to undergo extensive training for that as he said “A lot of combinations of punching, kicking, and blocking.” 

Moreover, Brett talked about his Karate sessions where his body was covered in sweat every single time he practiced. Also, the trainers brought mock breakaway boards to test him and eventually update his level of training. Therefore, Murray Bauman had his handful during the most terrifying season of Stranger Things.

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However, we are still not confirmed whether his fantasy fight comes to reality in season 5 or not but things are certainly heating up in the fire of Upside Down. Keep sticking to our News column to know more interesting facts about all your favorite shows streaming only on Netflix. 

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