Jamie Campbell Bower Reveals the Reason Why He Was Drawn to Play Vecna in ‘Stranger Things’

Jamie Campbell Bower Reveals the Reason Why He Was Drawn to Play Vecna in ‘Stranger Things’

Fans are torn over the terrifying turn of British actor Jamie Campbell Bower in Stranger Things and his charming off-screen persona. Bower played the villain, Vecna, in the show’s latest season. Fans have lauded his performance and for a good reason. In his new villainous turn, the actor has proved that he’s not just a pretty face. But why did he pick a role that seems like the polar opposite of his actual personality? What drew him in? In a latest interview, the actor disclosed his reason for taking on the challenging role.

Jamie Campbell Bower wanted to challenge himself as an actor

Every actor that takes his craft seriously wants to have diverse roles. Jamie has proved his mettle that he is one hell of an actor to watch out for with his role of Vecna. Jamie had previously shared the process of getting into the Vecna costume and makeup. He even worked on his Vecna voice!

The actor revealed that he always gets drawn to characters that have “grit, honesty, and truth“, and Vecna/Henry/001 was all of that for him. Henry never tried to hide his true nature; he always embraced it. And Jamie appreciates that; in fact, the actor previously shared how he felt his character was not a villain

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The actor had no idea about his “big” arc in Stranger Things

Interestingly, the actor had no idea of how significant a part he would play in Stranger Things. He was given minimal materials to work on during his two auditions. It was when he met with the Duffers, that they revealed his full arc. 

The finale had a big revelation: The big bad all this while was Vecna. The Demogorgon and even the Mind Flayer were just pawns. He’s single-handedly responsible for all the things happening in Hawkins right from the beginning. All this, he had been looking for Eleven to take away her powers. The two telekinetic beings get into a fight once again that ends with Max in a coma. Vecna survived, and his plan was successful. The darkest season so far ended with the Upside Down tearing through the town of Hawkins. 

The next installment, season 5, will finally bring an end to the story of Hawkins and its kids. 

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