These Hilarious Creative ‘Stranger Things’ Memes Will Have You Rolling on the Floor

These Hilarious Creative ‘Stranger Things’ Memes Will Have You Rolling on the Floor

It might take another year or two for Stranger Things to return to your TV screens, but the hype around the show’s last season hasn’t died out yet. If it’s a tradition for the Duffer brothers to bring newer lovable characters to the show only to kill them in the end, it’s a tradition for the fans to generate memes and keep the hype going. The latest reel has a fan meme-ing the characters using cutouts all around the supermarket, parks, and signboards. 

Stranger Things memes are getting stranger, ahem creative!

Who knew that cutouts could be used in this hilarious manner? In the Instagram reel, the fan uses an Eleven cutout to show Eleven’s nose bleeding into a cup! It’s hilarious, but if you think about it, it’s equally gross. Next time you watch her nose bleed as she focuses on her powers, we bet you’d think about this. Next up, we again have the 7-Eleven meme! It’s a reference to the recent Netflix post where it bunched together Eleven’s faces from multiple seasons.

Next in line to be meme-ed is poor Dustin, who is running away from a Demogorgon again on his bike. From the very first season, the Demogorgons seem to love attacking Dustin. And then it’s back to our superhero, focusing on Eleven and Eggos; the two are inseparable, even more so than Mike and Eleven. Although, we understand her obsession. Living in a lab and eating only lab food for 11 years would kill our taste buds too! Eleven’s father, Hopper, has no care for the rules either. His cutout is still smoking a cigarette in a smoke-free zone. 

These memes are certainly helpful in keeping our minds occupied, for we might otherwise obsess over season 5 release because the big bad guy is still alive. 

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Is Vecna still alive?

The bullet didn’t kill Vecna, although he was gravely injured. He disappeared, but Will felt that familiar sensation on his neck again that told him Vecna was alive. Stranger Things season 4 ended with the gang looking over at the red lightning storm that threatened to destroy their home. With the four gates open now and Vecna still on the loose, it’ll take more than just thorny bats, mocktails, and a bullet to fight the Upside Down army. 

You can stream the last season here till the penultimate season arrives. 

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