Fans Present Jamie Campbell Bower as the Perfect Batman Villain to Matt Reeves

Fans Present Jamie Campbell Bower as the Perfect Batman Villain to Matt Reeves

We got too many superheroes to celebrate but too few villains that make a mark. And even rare for a villain to outshine the heroes, a rare example is The Joker from the Batman universe. It’s often the casting that plays a major part. An actor that doesn’t fit the bill will just ruin the character. Years after The Joker graced the silver screens, Jamie Campbell Bower came along as Vecna to stun as the maniac villain of the Upside Down in Stranger Things. Now the fans are pitching him to Matt Reeves for the role of Scarecrow in The Batman 2. 

Fans want to see Jamie Campbell Bower embody Scarecrow in Batman 2 

After Christian Bale took off the cape for good, Robert Pattinson was cast to slide into the role once again. Matt Reeves took over the mantle from Nolan and The Batman turned out as one of the highest-grossing films in 2022. Now since a sequel is already in the works, fans are now eager to see the next villain that threatens Gotham. And they have already started naming their favorites which include Stranger Things Jamie Campbell Bower. 

His stellar performance on the series as the unhinged Vecna/001/Henry desperate to balance the society has convinced the fans that he’ll do just fine as Scarecrow. Cillian Murphy previously played the role in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins. 

A few others also think he would make a good Joker and even Victor Zsasz.

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No matter what role Jamie takes up in the future, an entry into the DC universe is a huge win. He has already shown us his determination and range in the role. Without any body doubles, or voice artists, the actor did all the stunts and the voice changed himself. 

We don’t know whether Vecna’s hard work will pay off or not in the penultimate season but we are sure that Jamie’s did for sure.

Do you think you can pull off the role if casted in the next Batman movie?

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