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Chris Evans Flabbergasted to Know Ryan Gosling Wants to Join the MCU After ‘the Gray Man’

Netflix’s The Gray Man is mere five days away from our screens. The movie is based on a novel by the same name, where a CIA agent (Ryan Gosling) uncovers dark secrets about the system and upon that international assassin (Chris Evans) trying to hunt him down. Apart from the story, it is the stars who share epic chemistry among themselves; the best being between Evans and Gosling, that’s the highlight of the movie. This dynamic duo has insanely acclaimed global praise, and people can’t wait to see them onscreen together.

What’s also exciting about the upcoming Netflix flick is that an MCU star and a possible future MCU star are joining hands with MCU directors. Yes, the possible Marvel star we mentioned is Ryan Gosling, who previously shared his readiness to become a superhero. How do you think Evans will react to his The Gray Man co-star dreaming of an MCU entry? Why wonder when the actor shared in a recent interview? Here’s what he had to say.

Chris Evans was surprised to hear Ryan’s wish

Ana and Chris were recently on Extra to promote The Gray Man. Right at the beginning, the host mentioned Ryan Gosling’s wish to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that he had confessed earlier. This news left Chris Evans all bamboozled. He couldn’t believe his ears and actually asked, “Did he say that? Did he really say that!?

Formerly associated with Marvel through some of the blockbuster-record-breaking movies, he affirmed that Marvel has produced quite marvel-lous movies in the past few years. And for that reason, many acclaimed actors have now started to recognise its worth.

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“It’s been consistently making good movies so I think a lot of people are giving them their rightful credit,” said Evans. He also agreed that Ryan would be great in a Marvel movie. Moreover, being a versatile actor, he knows what it is like to be a part of the most successful franchise over the years. Although his return to Marvel is up in the air, for now: he hasn’t really confirmed anything of such sort.

Further in the interview, Ana De Armas gave slight insights on her character in the movie and her other biopic on Marilyn Monroe as well. Nevertheless, she remained tight-lipped on Blonde. For The Gray Man, she talked about how she’s going to be utterly destructive on screen. She will basically be the problem solver by always sticking with her colleague, Court and save the day.

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Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming movie that’s going to be released on the 22nd of this July exclusively on Netflix.


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