Netflix’s Whopping $50 Million Cannes Purchase Adds Chris Evans Alongside Emily Blunt In ‘Pain Hustlers’

Netflix’s Whopping $50 Million Cannes Purchase Adds Chris Evans Alongside Emily Blunt In ‘Pain Hustlers’

It seems our Captain America started this year with the resolution that he will embrace new challenges onscreen. As the iconic superhero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Evans stepped out of his superhero image. While the trailer of The Grey Man alarmed viewers to get ready to discover Evans’ embedded layers of talents. As the movie is set for its worldwide release on the streamer on July 22, 2022. Moving forward to a redefined Chris Evans era he has once more signed for the upcoming Netflix production. Starring Emily Blunt in the main frame ‘Pain Hustlers’ has the package value of $50 million. Moreover, this movie is the highest deal that Netflix wrapped in the Cannes market this year.

Chris Evans is going to be a part of Netflix’s new wild journey

Pain Hustlers is set to be listed under the masterpiece works of David Yates who directed the top-rank franchise of Harry Potter. This is an interesting thing to know that the king of Wizarding World has undertaken this project alongside Lawrence Grace.

“Dreaming of a better life for her and her young daughter, Liza Drake (Blunt), a high-school dropout, lands a job with a failing pharmaceutical start-up in a yellowing strip mall in Central Florida.” 

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In addition, the movie dwells on the secrets of a deadly criminal conspiracy as Liza gets framed in this mystery. Pain Hustlers will go into filming this August depicting the essence of the American dream. Considering Blunt is currently shooting Universal Production “Oppenheimer” this month among others. However, Netflix has kept the role of Evans discreet, and fans can certainly expect something enthralling coming up. And we will get more insiders about the movie once it set foot in production.

Where else you can see the actor beside his best-known superhero films?

The charming actor has embodied several other characters other than his superhero costume from Marvel comics. From the long list of blockbusters we have recommended some personal favorites which include Knives Out (2019), Gifted (2017), Playing It Cool (2015}, and Snowpiercer (2013).

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All these movies have received favorable reviews from critics and viewers. You can check the scoreboard on reputed rating websites like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. Therefore, the good news is that you now have a list of entertaining movies lined up. Until The Gray Man makes its arrival on Netflix at the end of this month.

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