Stranger Things’ Vecna Lays Down Yet Another Life, Following Chris Evans and His Emotional Goodbye to His “Pal”

Stranger Things’ Vecna Lays Down Yet Another Life, Following Chris Evans and His Emotional Goodbye to His “Pal”

Vecna isn’t stopping until he takes everyone, even his iPhone. We are guessing that Stranger Things season 4 villain Vecna just got tired of going after everyone in the Upside Down and asking them: “Will you join me?” So this time he sent his phone to the afterlife.

This season Stranger Things introduced Vecna, the most terrifying villain of all time. The humanoid is quite different from the other monsters that visited Hawkins. He is far more powerful and has telekinetic powers. He loves chasing after victims that have experienced trauma in their past. His trademark killing style involves showing them nightmares and gouging out their eyes. He also keeps a collection of his prized souls in his hellscape. And now his phone joined the souls.

Stranger Things Vecna actor Jamie Campbell Bower tweets about his phone’s demise 

Apparently, Jamie Campbell was using an iPhone 6s until it died recently some three weeks ago. His iPhone 6s also joined Vecna’s corpse collection in the process. He mentioned his grief over his dead phone in a reply to Chris Evans’ tweet. Interestingly, the Captain America actor wrote a farewell note to his old iPhone! In it, he wrote he particularly won’t miss his phone’s battery issues and low-quality pictures! It’s hilarious how the two actors are turning this into a sob story.

Jamie will reprise his role as Vecna in Stranger Things in the upcoming Volume 2. Some fans also theorized that he will continue to terrorize Hawkins even in season 5. Until now, the show hasn’t revealed his agenda. But inferring from his speech to young Eleven, Vecna may want to strike a balance in the world. Vecna continues to track Eleven and her friends in the new trailer. In a voiceover, he tells Eleven that her friends have lost.

On the other hand, the megastar, Chris Evans takes a detour in the Russo Brothers’ The Gray Man. He is playing a psychopath working for the CIA. Evans is sent on a mission to track down Ryan Gosling’s Courtland Gentry or Sierra Six. The Russos have set up a thrilling premise for a cat and mouse chase story with stylized action and jokes peppered in. 

Will you tune into Netflix to catch Volume 2 on July 1?

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