Netflix Curates the Best ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Volume 2 Fan Theories to Blow Your Mind

Netflix Curates the Best ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Volume 2 Fan Theories to Blow Your Mind

It’s often very rare for a show to find such a rabid fanbase as Stranger Things. The fans are so dedicated to finding clues and piecing together plotlines that it even astonishes the creators sometimes. Volume 1 ended days ago and fans are still speculating their favorite characters’ fate in the upcoming Stranger Things season 4 Volume 2. Netflix has accumulated the best ones floating on the internet so far, and trust us when we say they are fascinating!

Stranger Things season 4 Volume 2 Theories you need to read right now

What will happen to Nancy in Stranger Things season 4 volume 2?

Last we saw of Nancy, she was about to escape the Upside Down when Vecna struck. Fans think Vecna is just toying with her emotions, showing her the real truth before he takes her eyes. But others think Vecna isn’t going to kill her because it’s pointless. He’s showing her his life story, so why would he? 

The next big question is: What’s Nancy’s favorite song? Maybe Nancy likes soft lullabies otherwise why would she have a ballerina box? Or with the growing friendship between her and Robin, Robin may finally remember something from rummaging through her CDs and then play her favorite track. 

Why was Vecna lying low for 10 years?

According to the events in the sci-fi series, Vecna arrived in 1979 at the Upside Down. But it still doesn’t answer why he didn’t kill for 10 years. A theory suggests that Vecna and the Mind Flayer are rivals. With Billy ending Mind Flayer’s reign, Vecna was free to run wild. However, this completely flips Dustin’s theory that Vecna is Mind Flayer’s General. 

We may not get any new villains in season 5. Vecna is going to survive and wreak havoc until the end. According to one theory, he will team up with Mind Flayer or unleash him at the very end. 

One fan made a keen observation: the D&D campaigns are foreshadowing the end. When Dustin rolls an eleven in the first game, they lose to Vecna. But when Erica joins and she rolls a 20 they win. Fans speculate Eleven, Vecna (001) and Kali (008) will join hands to defeat the Upside Down and its big bad. 

What are the gates for? 

We know the gates serve as a link between the two parallel dimensions. But is Vecna opening them in as per the orders of the Mind Flayer? Some think Vecna is acting on his own. He is tearing up holes in Hawkins with every kill so that he could invade the town with his army of Demobats. After all, he did give a long speech to young Eleven about striking a balance in society.

Another very interesting theory suggests he’s mapping out a pentagram to summon demonic creatures. 

Who created Upside Down? 

Despite viewers arguing that Eleven created the Upside Down, according to Dustin the Upside Down is an ancient dimension. It always existed, but Eleven was the first one to access it unknowingly. 

Some even believe that Vecna gave shape to the Upside Down once he entered the dimension. He formed a psychological link with the storm that created the Mind Flayer. So apparently, it suggests Vecna either created Mind Flayer or it is part of Vecna. And his memories of his hometown created Hawkins in the Upside Down. Furthermore, Mind Flayer’s resemblance to a spider lends further weight to this theory. We all know Vecna’s fascination with spiders

Dr. Brenner isn’t real in Stranger Things season 4 volume 2

According to some really wild theories, Dr. Brenner is apparently just a projection. Kali is using her power of illusions to help Eleven walk through her past and gain back her powers. It does make sense because why on earth would Brenner suddenly turn into a new leaf?

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Eddie is hiding his real identity

This one theory is really just a shot in the dark. A fan’s wild theory suggests that Eddie was actually one of Papa’s kids. His lack of parentage and having a shaved head when he was a kid (mentions this briefly to Chrissy) are all pointing to Hawkins Lab’s telekinetic kids’ experiment. 

Steve is Vecna’s servant Kas

Some fans even find Steve suspicious. They think Steve is Kas and Nancy’s mother is the final boss. In D&D folklore, Vecna’s servant wanted a spider throat and Steve had a spider in his hair at the Creel house. Lastly, he proudly told Dustin that he invented the Skullrock, the popular makeout spot. Vecna’s lair in D&D is shaped like a human skull. 

Which Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 theory do you like most or agree with? 

Stream Volume 1 here. 

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