“The Upside Down eats up Hawkins”: Noah Schnapp’s Two Truths And A Lie About Stranger Things Finale Resurface With Season 4 Vol 2 Trailer

“The Upside Down eats up Hawkins”: Noah Schnapp’s Two Truths And A Lie About Stranger Things Finale Resurface With Season 4 Vol 2 Trailer

Stranger Things 4 volume 2 trailer is out with a blast of overwhelming scenes like everything is coming to end. The hopeless faces, ravaged city, Vecna walking on Hawkins land putting every life at stake. The trailer is really freaking out the minds of fans as the place is crawling with horror, gore, and pessimism only. The intense voice of Dr. Martin in the background that “Hawkins will fall” and the dark flow of air seems to swallow everything. However, this whole scenario seems to have a connection with what Noah Schnapp said in his TBH promotion.

Noah Schnapp led people’s excitement in a kick-off game with three possible outcomes of volume 2 

The young star started his snack company TBH at the age of 17 only, apart from his contribution to Stranger Things as Will Byers. Noah Schnapp has always known people’s desire for big spoilers or hints about upcoming things. And after the release of volume 1 fans were eager to know more about the final volume of season 4. Therefore, Noah gave fans plenty of ideas to chew on through a game of truth and lies on the Insider set.

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In his conversation with Insider, Noah Schnapp gave three statements that fans can interpret whether it’s a lie or truth. To which he added two of them are going to happen at the end of Stranger Things season 4. His statements were “A main character dies,” “There’s an intense romance this season,” and “There’s an intense romance this season”. Moreover, he said that Upside Down may take over the real world in volume 4.

Fans are wondering about Noah’s previous statement about volume 2

And now the epic teaser of volume 2 has dropped fans are theorizing about the possibilities that Noah gave to fans. It all seems to make sense as we see destroyed Hawkins and fans saying that Noah’s statements were true. Furthermore, the trailer gives a glimpse of Will saying it will take us all. While Max is pushing some button wrapped around her waist.

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Let’s see some of the comments fans have put on Reddit under the trailer of Stranger Things 4 volume 2.

Well, this is unbelievable for fans that Noah told the whole truth! Hence, it all seems real now when they have watched the trailer. Fans are going mad how they took his important revelation so lightly when it was true all this time. Although the trailer has shaken the ground and we don’t know how long this week is going to be for fans. Until volume 2 hits Netflix on 1 July 2022!

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