Tom Holland of ‘Stranger Things’, Noah Schnapp owns giving spoilers, says, “I’ll keep them coming”

Tom Holland of ‘Stranger Things’, Noah Schnapp owns giving spoilers, says, “I’ll keep them coming”

It looks like we haven’t got only one secret spoiler in Hollywood! Until now Tom Holland was famous for spilling discreet details about his movie plots. But the young Stranger Things celebrity Noah Schnapp has got the same essence as our Spider-Man. He has mentioned that he cannot conceal things for a longer period. While we have seen this many times that he reveals things about his show unknowingly. Whenever he goes to an interview or promotion like he did this time on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallen.

Noah Schnapp and giving spoilers a better love story than Twilight

Noah Schnapp has become famous for disclosing things that stars don’t speak up about. His excitement for the upcoming events sometimes makes him go with the flow of conversation. Like we recently saw him on the episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He almost hinted at the looming deaths in volume 2 of Stranger Things. When he stopped by on the show to talk about how volume 1 is breaking all the records on Netflix.

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Although he agreed with Jimmy in the beginning that he got all messed up after posting a hint on social media. Because his Instagram post included an explosive photo from season 4 volume 2, and fans went mad seeing the spoiler so he deleted the post instantly.

“I was like oh my God. I’m gonna get in trouble. So I literally took it down” said Noah accepting his mistake.

“You did it again”! responded Jimmy Fallen

And added now he knows that is why all the cast members call him Tom Holland because he spoils everything. It is evident that Noah has previously given away a hint or two to the audience. As he gave fans the biggest exposure of season 4 that Eleven and Will have to deal with normal high school problems.

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“In the beginning for El and Will, it’s just no supernatural anything” stated Noah in one of his interviews.

However, he has very smartly covered up all his mistakes saying that fans like to receive some spoilers. Therefore we can expect more disclosures from Noah’s side as his revelations don’t really spoil things but make things more exciting for the viewers. The release of volume 2 Stranger Things is only two weeks away. Are you excited to get goosebumps once again?

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