Stranger Things’ Most Unrealistic Thing Is Not Science Fiction or the Upside Down but Steve Harrington

Stranger Things’ Most Unrealistic Thing Is Not Science Fiction or the Upside Down but Steve Harrington

There are a million things in Netflix’s supernatural thriller Stranger Things that raise our eyebrows. Be it the existence of the Hawkins Lab, the Upside Down, or the science fiction elements that are omnipresent throughout the series. All these things are absolutely unreal and make us think about actuality a lot. However, the most unrealistic thing about the show is Steve Harrington, and that is indeed something we and a lot of fans believe in.

But why is that? What is the reason behind calling Steve unrealistic? And is it a good thing or bad? Let’s know it all, and in that process appreciate Steve a little more today, because, well, he deserves it.

Steve Harrington and unreal go hand-in-hand in Stranger Things

Now that the fourth season of the Netflix Original is out, and we have seen a lot of Steve Harrington this time around, his entire fanbase is out looking for Steve content. However, it was one fan who actually noticed what has been in front of our eyes for a long time, but none of us ever registered it in our minds. The fact that Steve Harrington struggles so much to find himself a girlfriend is something that is treated as a joke a lot of times. However, it is truly unreal and unbelievable to see that happen, given how amazing Steve is and can be.

We have seen Steve be a great friend and supporter to Robin, who just opened up about her sexuality. Steve truly was the best LGBTQ+ ally that Robin could have asked for. Not to mention the adorable relationship he has had with Dustin ever since the duo first connected in Season 2. Steve and Dustin are indeed the best duo from the Netflix show, and that is not at all debatable.

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What do you think about Steve’s struggle to find a girlfriend? The season did see a little re-kindling of Steve and Nancy, but is it really what Steve deserves? Let us know in the comments below.


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