Chris Evans Will “do anything” for These Two People Who Know “every detail of action”

Chris Evans Will “do anything” for These Two People Who Know “every detail of action”

The action-packed The Gray Man’s release is only a few days away. The much-anticipated movie is based on Mark Greaney’s novel of the same name and stars Hollywood stalwarts, Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling in the lead. The movie also reunites Chris with the Russo brothers. If the name sounds familiar to you, well it should because the trio is responsible for bringing you the biggest MCU hits from Captain America to The Avengers movie. Perhaps it is because of this previous connection that Evans has placed complete faith in the Russos.

Chris Evans has ultimate faith in the Russo brothers

The Russos have introduced us to Evans’ Captain America and now they are introducing us to the sarcastic and delightfully unhinged Evans’ Llyod. Chris Evans complimented the director duo pointing out their attention to detail in the recently released The Gray Man panel discussion video on YouTube. 

With those two, they could ask me to do anything and I’d do it. The Russos, they know every detail of action,” said Evans.

Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling, who plays Sierra Six aka Courtand Gentry, talked about the challenging fight sequences. 

We tried to find a way with the action and every situation we were in to really be in the space that we were going to be shooting and then find a way to really use that environment,” added Gosling.

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The Russos called them their “dream actors”

Gosling and Evans weren’t the only ones showering praise in the video. Russo brothers revealed how hard-working both the leads are in a recent interview. Both Chris and Ryan are thorough with their craft and are extremely self-aware. They are great collaborators and not just actors but “filmmakers”.

They wanted to bring Evans onboard because Llyod is a far cry from Captain America, and the actor can showcase his amazing range. On the other hand, Ryan as the master of “minimalism and subtlety” was the perfect choice for the elusive Courtland. Needless to say, both actors check the creators’ boxes.

The Gray Man will release in selected theatres on July 15 before streaming on Netflix on July 22. 

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