Chris Evans Actually Hit Ryan Gosling in the Face on ‘The Gray Man’ Shooting

Chris Evans Actually Hit Ryan Gosling in the Face on ‘The Gray Man’ Shooting

The Hollywood superstar and Marvel’s Captain America may have had several showdowns with some of the most powerful entities, but he still sometimes misses his aims. Chris Evans is mostly associated with action-heavy roles and his turn in the Marvel universe. Despite his reputation of being an action filn actor, Evans shared that he had slipped up during the action scenes in Netflix’s The Gray Man. 

Chris Evans hit Ryan Gosling for real

After his exit from the Marvel universe did  Evan’s skills get a little rusty? Maybe.

In a new clip from The Gray Man, Chris Evans is seen getting rough with Ryan Gosling. The action here looks sleek, but it’s a different story behind the scenes. Apparently, he had accidentally hit Ryan with the gun. 

We get some taste of the action in the latest teaser. The henchmen are no competition to Gosling’s Court Gentry. He takes them all one by one with ease. But Evans’ Llyod Hansen attacked him suddenly when he was on his way out. They continue to throw insults at each other while fighting. Gosling throws a classic one-liner that Lloyd was easy to identify thanks to his fashion choice and trashstache.

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Evans is here for the drive, but instead, Gosling drops a grenade. Just when he thought he was in the clear, Evans creeps up to him from behind with a gun. However, before he takes the shot, Ana De Armas’s Dani Miranda tranquilizes him. Only at the very end, do viewers realize that Gosling was missing a shoe throughout this whole thing.

The Gray Man reunites the actor with the Russo Brothers 

The Russo brothers have worked with Evans previously for the Captain America movies and the Avengers. Recently, the actor has spoken about his intention to reprise his role again if the conditions are “perfect”.

The Russo Brothers helmed The Gray Man follows a spy Courtland Gentry who uncovers dark CIA secrets. The CIA issues a manhunt led by the unhinged Llyod Hansen.

The high-budget action flick will arrive on Netflix on July 15. 

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