‘The Gray Man’ Star Ryan Gosling Says, “You really couldn’t work with two people (Russo Brothers)” for an Interesting Reason

‘The Gray Man’ Star Ryan Gosling Says, “You really couldn’t work with two people (Russo Brothers)” for an Interesting Reason

Ryan Gosling may be turning heads as Barbie’s boyfriend Ken now. But before he appears on screen rocking that platinum hair, he’s going to appear in the Russos-directed action thriller The Gray Man. In a recent clip that Netflix released, we learn a little bit more about the characters and get a look at the exhilarating action scenes. The big-budget Netflix flick has an ensemble cast of the leading actors in the industry. From Gosling to Chris Evans to Ana de Armas, everyone is part of the “relentless” action. 

Ryan Gosling emphasizes the Russos’ passion for action films

The La La Land star plays Courtland Gentry, aka Sierra Six, a CIA agent in the movie. The CIA personally picked him to become their hitman. Highly trained, Gentry starts having doubts when he’s tasked to kill an innocent man. Eventually, he comes across some highly confidential CIA secrets and immediately becomes the agency’s number one man on the wanted list. 

Throughout the clip, he is constantly moving from country to country to run away from Chris Evans’ Llyod Hanson and his men. There are death-defying action sequences, explosions, and stylish hand-to-hand combat. The Russos are mostly known for their work in Marvel movies. Although Ryan Gosling had never worked with the Russos before, he explained, “As much as you think you love action movies, Russo brothers love them more. So you really couldn’t work with two people that are more passionate about the genre.” 

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The project reunited the Russos with Chris Evans. He plays an unhinged hitman that the CIA commissions to kill Sierra Six. The cat and mouse chase also have Indian superstar Dhanush, Bridgerton’s Duke of Hastings, Rege-jean Page, and Bond girl Ana de Armas in the mix.

Meanwhile, Gosling’s project with the Russos has fans hoping that he will get an entry into Marvel soon. In fact, he hopes so too. The actor is a fan of the comics and has expressed his desire to play Ghost Rider

The Gray Man drops on Netflix on July 22 and will play in the theatres from July 15. 

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