“They’re free to do as they like” Regé-Jean Page Green-Lights Simon Basset Recast, but Will ‘Bridgerton’ Makers Do It?

“They’re free to do as they like” Regé-Jean Page Green-Lights Simon Basset Recast, but Will ‘Bridgerton’ Makers Do It?

Rege-jean Page’s departure from Bridgerton broke a thousand hearts. The creators of the show didn’t recast his character Simon Bassett but instead chose to explain his absence from the second season as that of a young man enjoying his fatherhood. After all, Page left a huge imprint on the show’s viewers in the first season as the Duke of Hastings. However, in a recent interview, the actor revealed that he won’t hold it against the creators if they recast him. 

Page is content with his one-season arc and gives a go-ahead to Bridgerton to recast Simon Bassett

Simon didn’t leave the show on a bad note and wouldn’t really mind if they recast him. He had signed up for a single season and was very satisfied with his redemption arc. 

He explained, “We did so well on that redemptive arc that people forget that Simon was kind of horrific. He was the best example of a Regency fuckboy that any of us had come across. And so, because we came around full circle so well, because we stuck that landing, you’re left with this great feeling. You really do have to be brave about ending stories like that.”

The Duke of Hastings wasn’t the best bachelor in the Ton. He was ready to warm the bed, but not wed or give babies to Daphne. Their whirlwind romance was a thorny one, but raunchy enough to spike up the viewership ratings. 

We are pretty sure recasting him isn’t the challenge, but the creators are unable to gauge the reaction of the show’s fans. That would explain why they chose to make an excuse for his absence in season 2. 

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Rege-Jean Page continues his relationship with Netflix quite yet

His exit from Bridgerton didn’t end his relationship with Netflix. He returns to the streamer’s Russo brothers directed The Gray Man alongside Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. Page has assumed the role of CIA chief, Denny Carmichael, who commissions the manhunt against Sierra Six.

The film will have a theatrical release on July 15 before landing on Netflix on July 22. 

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