Ana de Armas Gets “dangerous” in ‘The Gray Man’ Sticking with Ryan Gosling

Ana de Armas Gets “dangerous” in ‘The Gray Man’ Sticking with Ryan Gosling

Netflix has been trying to put together the next big action movie, The Gray Man, with a whopping budget of $200 million, starring Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Regé-Jean Page, and Dhanush. The action film is based on the book of the same name by Mark Greaney, which gives us an indication of the film’s plot, although Netflix has been quite tight-lipped about the same.

While Gosling, Evans and Dhanush wreak havoc in Europe, Ana de Armas’s Dani Miranda takes destruction to a whole different level. Her character is someone who takes her job at the agency very seriously. Dani’s official poster for the film depicts the agent as “ The Untraceable,” and the trailer reveals her character’s badassery. In fact, recently, Armas herself called her character dangerous. Let’s figure out why.

Dani Miranda is destruction

In a recent interview, Ana revealed some insights on her destructive character, Dani Miranda, who’ll be seen working as a dynamic duo with Ryan Gosling’s Court Gentry.

“Not just people, Dani Miranda is literally destruction. Every building she walks in, explodes” said Ana when asked about the number of killings on her account in the movie. Her character, according to the trailer, is a tour de force, and it’ll be really fun to see her doing those mind-blowing stunts with all other three brilliant stars.

However, Dani is also “dangerous”, according to the actress. In a recent BTS clip where the cast and crew talk about The Gray Man, Armas shares how her character always has Gosling’s Six’s back. “There’s no one else he’d rather have,” adds the Blond actress.

Ana De Armas the scene-stealer

In addition to her Marilyn Monroe in the recent hit movie, Blond, on Netflix, Armas’s Dani will just take the legacy of her playing the part of dominant and powerful women forward. Unlike her limited role in her previous Bond movie, No Time to Die, she plays a massive part all throughout The Gray man.

The months of training for the ground action and stunt must have really helped her grow into the dangerous woman that the film demands. Furthermore, working as a top-tier CIA agent and being three steps ahead of everything while dealing with international assassins and a lunatic ex-colleague will make her character even more formidable. Dani often seems to save the day for Six and has his back in many of the intense scenes throughout the movie.

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Not much else is known regarding De Armas’ character, as Dani Miranda does not exist in the original Gray Man novel. However, it’s highly anticipated that her character is a blend of the other characters in the book or is inspired by some specific character in the franchise.

While we count down the days for the Russo brothers to drop the film on the 22nd of July this year, let us know what you think about Dani.

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