Netflix Highlights the ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Crossover That You Failed to Notice

Netflix Highlights the ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Crossover That You Failed to Notice

The signs cannot be avoided anymore! Welcome to Netflix Multiverse. What if Vecna’s curse went a little too far beyond Hawkins? More specifically to an alternate timeline. A recent tweet by Netflix has stirred the fans with hysteria over the crossover between Strangers Things and The Umbrella academy.

Similarities between The Umbrella Academy and Stranger Things

Both shows share strange similarities. There are kids with supernatural powers, there’s time travel, there’s a mystery, there’s lore and above all, more or less, the same cast. We all are pretty aware of the victims of Vecna in Stranger Things 4. They are sucked into a trance and the recurrent snapping of bones and the gouging out of blood-soaked eyes follows. This exact way of death has fans wondering if there was an unsaid crossover between The Umbrella Academy and Stranger Things and Netflix was quick to point it out in a tweet.

In The Umbrella Academy, Klaus’ death caught fans by a surprise. It was a massive flashback to the devastating dead bodies left decaying all over America. The cheerleader Chrissy Cunningham, the aspiring journalist, Fred Benson, and Lucas’s basketball teammate, Patrick McKinney; all met with the same or even a more agonizing fate. Vecna preyed on all three after their fears gave in to them.

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A hint to beat Vecna

Nevertheless, unlike in Stranger Things, fans do not have to worry about Klaus. We all know he is just going to walk it off and be fine in no time. But wait is that a key to the neverending problems at Hawkins? Fans even suggested that it was one of the ways to kill Vecna. Who knows if this could work? Klaus, till now, in the show has been immortal after all. “I think Klaus is the only one who could actually defeat Vecna just by exhaustion of constantly killing him,” a fan tweeted.

Another even made a meme in reference to show to prove Klaus is unbeatable.

One fan called out the creators’ inability to kill off a main character in Stranger Things, something Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp have commented on earlier.

On the other hand, another fan threw in a The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones reference, which started Jamie Campbell (Vecna/Henry/001) and Robert Sheehan (Klaus).

Is this really a way out for the Hawkins township? Season 5 of the show will tell us.

While we wait for the next season, stream all the seasons of Stranger Things available exclusively on Netflix.

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