The One Stranger Things Character That Is Too ‘Dense’” for Vecna to Penetrate!

The One Stranger Things Character That Is Too ‘Dense’” for Vecna to Penetrate!

It’s unanimously agreed that Vecna is the most powerful villain in Stranger Things. He is the only match against Eleven’s powers. Yet when she loses her powers, Vecna starts reaching into his victims’ consciousness to take them. He loves snapping their bones and gouging out their eyes before adding them to his corpse collection in the Upside Down. But it always at first starts with nightmares and hallucinations. He could take whoever he wanted but fans are convinced that Ted Wheeler is the only one in Hawkins too dense to come under his thrall. 

Ted Wheeler’s apathy is his biggest weapon against Vecna in Stranger Things

In episode 8 of Stranger Things Vecna gave a sneak peek of what’s to come to Nancy. He showed her mom and siblings’ death but left Ted, her dad, out of the picture. This has fans convinced that Ted is the only one who would survive when the Upside Down overtakes Hawkins. The Redditors had a field day joking about his disgruntled and insensitive nature that would put him out of harm’s way. 

The Duffer brothers’ show has no dearth of lovable characters, but Ted Wheeler is not one of them. From the very first season, the big threat looming over Hawkins and his children never concerned him. Ted doesn’t show up much, but when he does, he only shows up to show irritation towards the kids. Dustin especially annoyed him for stealing his meals for years! 

At the rate his character is developing, he is going to become a far more unlikeable character than Vecna. 

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Vecna created the Mind Flayer 

When Eleven banishes him to the Upside Down, he transforms into Vecna. He explores this new realm and tamed the Demobats and Demogorgons there to become the demon king of the realm. He also exploited the Hive mind to create the Mind Flayer and seek out Eleven and her powers. 

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